back to press 101

Ordering extra cards and envelopes is easy, and we’re always happy to accommodate this back to press request. We know changes happen all the time! However, think about how much you might save in the long run just by ordering 10 more “just in case” suites at the time of the initial order. The less stress, the better – especially when it comes to all things wedding related! 

Something to keep in mind: 

Here at Bella Figura, there are an assortment of different hands on a job at any given time. We put our heart and soul into these heirlooms. From graphic design to prepress, from prepress to precut, from precut to press, and so on. The production chain is there to make your vision come to life and this happens whether it’s the first order or a reorder. The same amount of care, materials, and dedication of time is put into each order. 

We love what we do, but below you’ll find a graphic that outlines the savings between ordering 110 at the time of the initial order versus ordering 10 more later on after the first order is completed:

back to press

We’re here to make your wedding load that much lighter. It is always better to order more than not enough when it comes to invitations. Whether it be a change in address or a new addition to the guest list, you’ll want to have an extra pile of back-up invitations ready to go at your disposal. We’re here to do whatever we can to make that happen in the easiest way possible!