Announcing the winner of our 2013 Do Good Promotion: Rhea Zimmerman!

We were thrilled to see all of the entries for this year’s Do Good promotion — it was amazing and uplifting to hear about all of your good deeds! There were a lot of really wonderful entries, and in the end our team selected Dr. Rhea Zimmerman as this year’s winner. Today we’re thrilled to share more details behind Rhea’s inspiring story!

Dr. Rhea is currently working on a documentary called Love Bomb

In April, Rhea returned to The Sacred Valley in Peru for the third year in a row to offer her chiropractic services to 2,600 people. Rhea led a team which included her fiance, Dr. Austin Komarek, and teammates Dr. Stacey Cantrell and Dr. Haley Thompson. Rhea and her team worked in collaboration with the Kausay Wasi Clinic, a clinic that hosts teams of doctors monthly to provide services to the communities of The Sacred Valley and Peru.

Bella Figura hosts a contest every year that gives customers the opportunity to do a good deed for a chance to win a grand prize of $1,000 towards wedding invitations

The intention of this kind of work is to spread a diplomacy based on loving care and heart to heart connection. Dr. Rhea is currently in production on a feature documentary called Love Bomb about this work that tells the story of what we are capable of when we live from love. The Love Bomb mission is to ignite people to the fact that their presence here in life is a gift to life, that we all have an inherent capacity within us to live as love, and that when we do, we optimize the vitality our bodies, lives, and communities.

Bella Figura's 2013 Do Good promotion contest winner was chiropractor Rhea Zimmerman

One of the primary focuses of the chiropractic group is to see as many children as possible, since there is a great impact in freeing the nervous system of a child for greater function and connection that can have a lasting impact. The team goes into classrooms and explains to the teacher and students what they will be receiving, and then connects to the students one by one. The atmosphere created is one of curiosity, play, and loving connection. One of the directors of the clinic, Guido del Prado (who has been working internationally for over 30 years and is host to teams of doctors monthly) shared what he witnessed with the team’s work: “When you touch someone like that, no one could become your enemy.”

The 2013 Bella Figura Do Good Contest winner was Dr. Rhea Zimmerman, for her work as a chiropractor in Peru

In addition to the team of doctors on the trip, Rhea also had the support of volunteers Fiorella Butron for translation and coordination, Jeni Olson for photography, and Gregg Marks as Director of Photography on the Love Bomb movie. Curious about the Love Bomb documentary? Take a look at the Love Bomb trailer, and help the team finish the film by making a donation today!

Many thanks to Rhea for sharing more of her inspiring story with us, and a special thanks to all of this year’s contestants for taking the time to share their entries with us!