Amadore Antique Letterpress Inspiration

Our Amadore Antique design is reminiscent of centuries old Middle Eastern mosaics, architecture and textiles — ideal for quaint nuptials with a side of sheer elegance. Courtyard mosaics, fountains and intricate details all describe a wedding that this invitation would be perfect for.

amadore antique customization = inks: prussian blue + antique gold | fonts: utrecht + vessa | paper: ivory | invite size: SQ-7 | liner: vintage stripes in prussian blue + antique gold | original design by Jessica Tierney | customized by in-house designer Racheal Decker |

embellishment suggestions: pocketfold in iris

This is a customization of Bella Figura's Amadore Antique design that is elegant and classy.

(Photo Credits: erin hearts court)