A Calligraphy Invitation Style for Every Wedding

Whether you’d like your letterpress invitations to feature a few thoughtfully positioned lines of hand calligraphy or you’re dreaming of an invite that’s overflowing with line after line of hand lettering, it’s important to try and envision which calligraphy style is right for the type of wedding you’re planning. We work with a lot of amazingly skilled calligraphers here (some with several very distinct styles), and with so many different styles to choose from it can be a little intimidating trying to pick one calligraphy style for your invitations.  So close your eyes for a second – what’s your wedding looking like in your head?  Because you’ll most likely want your invitations to capture the mood you’re planning for the big day.

Beach Weddings

 Kelle McCarter not only hand illustrated the seashells and beachy floral motifs on her Makri design – she also hand calligraphed the bride and groom’s names and their duogram in her flirty and fun Mulberry style hand calligraphy.  “The expressive flourishes of this calligraphy style were designed to mimic the movement and soft swirls of ocean waves while retaining a reserved elegance,” says Kelle. 

Makri - Beach wedding invitations from Bella Figura

Vintage-inspired Weddings

Heatherly is inspired by the romantic Victorian era with its heavily brocaded window coverings and beautiful flourished wall papers,” says calligraphy and designer Debi Zeinert. “The bride who loves Heatherly loves lavender, lace, scones and fancy buttons!”  Debi’s Natalia style hand calligraphy is sweetly refined and lady-like and the perfect finishing touch for any vintage-inspired wedding.

Heatherly - Vintage wedding invitations from Bella Figura

Urban/Modern Weddings

When Kyle Laatsch was designing Sweet Christine he knew from the start that Nicole Black’s Mitty Caps style hand calligraphy was a must have.  “Mitty Caps works really well with Sweet Christine as a modern calligraphy style because it has fluidity and movement, crisp lines and is legible,” says Nicole. “It’s a hearty script that won’t get lost in the amazing design and deep letterpress impression.  Mitty Caps and Sweet Christine play off each others strengths to be a perfect match.”  We couldn’t agree more.

Modern, Urban wedding invitations from Bella Figura

Destination Weddings

If you’re planning to celebrate your wedding in a tropical paradise or other exotic locale, consider sending invitations that set the stage for what’s to come. Courtney Jentzen’s Tulum design is full of island-inspired illustrations (like pineapples and flamingos!) that are complimented by Patricia Mumau’s Murdock hand calligraphy style. “In creating Murdock I opted to use graphite as part of the styling to make it down to earth and accessible,” says Patricia.  “Pencil has a free and fresh feel – a perfect tone for natural styled events.  It pairs great with Tulum.”

Destination wedding invitations from Bella Figura

Formal Weddings

Jessica Tierney’s Viviette design exudes dramatic elegance, while the addition of Sarah Hanna’s Victoria style calligraphy adds a classic formality to the design. “Great design, like marriage, is about balance,” says Sarah. “Jessica’s vision for strong, crisp lines paired with ornate calligraphy does a beautiful balancing act. The flourishes add warmth and volume while the block text and architectural lines maintain structure.”

Formal wedding invitations from Bella Figura

Rustic Weddings

Meryl is rustic but not overly so – it works for barn weddings, backyard weddings, vineyard weddings and just about any gathering that is meant to feel comfortable and welcoming. Elizabeth Hardin’s Carlisle hand calligraphy compliments the casual warmth of this design by adding a touch of approachable elegance. “The Carlisle hand is thick and bold, but the loops and flourishes help it to maintain a soft and feminine tone,” says Elizabeth. “The vine detail mixed throughout the lettering helps to give it that organic feel.”

Rustic wedding invitations from Bella Figura

Whatever kind of wedding you’ve got planned, there’s a calligraphy style that works beautifully for it.  But of course there really are no hard and fast rules here.  Ultimately, if you have your heart set on one style of calligraphy more than the other then you should go with your gut and choose the one you like best.  We’re here to help, too – contact us to chat about your wedding and together we’ll find the hand lettering style that perfectly compliments your style.  Our blog is a great resource, too!