Beachy Keen Nautilus Letterpress Invites

We’re a little bit land-locked up here in Syracuse, but we can dream of sand between our feet, can’t we?  Speaking of dream, these sea-side inspired letterpress wedding invites are pretty dreamy, no?  This one’s a customization of one of our old classics, Nautilus, designed by Beth Ann Seal, and features hand calligraphy accents by Debi Zeinert.

inks: charcoal + surf | paper: 1-ply white | invite size: f8 | calligraphy accents: spencerian by debi zeinert | client coordinator: chris gannon | in-house designer: brenda fox

nautical blue letterpress wedding invitations

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Deep Sea Inspired Letterpress Wedding Invitations

Take one last splash into summer with these deep sea inspired Nautilus (by Beth Ann Seal) letterpress wedding invitations.  The adorable seahorse icon was featured on all of the pieces-which shows how much you can truly customize your set.  The couple took advantage of our free favor card promotion (read more about our favor card promotion here) and had the most adorable favor cards as part of their set.  The classic color mediterranean envelope liner completes their theme!  We can just close our eyes and see the waterfront and feel the sand between our toes!

inks: pewter + mediterranean | fonts: quill + poetica | paper: 1-ply white | invite size: a-7 | liner: the classic color pattern in mediterranean | client coordinator: jessica hanaman | in-house designer: kyle laatsch

nautical letterpress wedding invitations

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Spread a Little Love with World-Minded Letterpress Favor Cards

Over the past couple of years, we’ve found ourselves completely blown away by the thoughtfulness and generous spirits of the couples we’re honored to call Bella Figura brides and grooms.  We think it’s so cool when a couple opts to forgo the traditional guest favors and instead makes a donation to a worthy nonprofit. To encourage this large-hearted trend, in early 2011 we started offering free letterpress favor cards to those couples making a donation to nonprofit organization doing good for the world. Here are just a handful of the many favor cards we’ve printed for couples worldwide this year…

Our Deveril design; donation benefiting The Humane Society of the United States.

Our Tara design; donation benefiting Clean Ocean Action.

Our Nautilus design; donation benefiting the Reproductive and Child Health Alliance in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Our Florian Script design; donation benefiting CHU St-Justine. From the couple, “The CHU St-Justine is a well renowned children’s hospital in Montreal and our donation will be given toward funding R&D activities. We both believe that children should be allowed to enjoy their young lives and play outside with their friends rather to be stuck in a hospital room. We hope that our donation will help the team of doctors find a cure to many of today’s illnesses that primarily attack young children.”

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Nautilus Letterpress Wedding Invitations

We printed these amazing letterpress wedding invitations, our Nautilus design, for a wedding at sea. They feature 3-color letterpress in light sapphire and black inks with a schooner motif in blind deboss. The reception card features the anchor from the Nautilus suite and the couple submitted their own skull and crossbones motif to complete the look. We love the pretty pirate-inspired feel of these invitations!

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Adirondack Letterpress Wedding Invitations

This letterpress wedding invitation is one of our new designs for 2010, Adirondack, customized for this couple using a horizontal orientation and printed in clover and peacock inks. We love the way it makes this already beautiful design really unique to this couple’s wedding.

Adirondack Letterpress Wedding Invitations by Bella Figur

Adirondack Letterpress Wedding Invitations by Bella Figur

The letterpress accommodations card insert and reply card used motifs from our Nautilus design printed in peacock and cream inks, which, when paired with the Adirondack letterpress invitations, is a tribute to the unique woodsy seaside venue where this couple will be celebrating their wedding. This kind of personal customization really allows the couple’s wedding to come to life for guests long before the day arrives and is a perfect way to kick off the festivities.

Adirondack Letterpress Reply Card by Bella Figura

Adirondack Letterpress Wedding Invitations by Bella Figura

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Nautilus Letterpress Save the Date

Perfect for a summer wedding or a beach-side destination wedding, we’re completely in love with these Nautlius letterpress save the dates we recently printed. A fabulous 1-color letterpress design printed in navy ink, these save the dates are the definition of preppy chic. The Nautilus design is one of our favorites, because it features a choice of several different motifs including the crab shown here, a palm tree, starfish, anchor, and others, all perfect for any nautical-themed event. We think it’s fun, festive and yet completely sophisticated – a sure sign of good things to come for guests at this wedding!

Crab letterpress save the dates - Bella Figura

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