New-Fashioned and Chic Letterpress Save the Dates

Our Palmas design (by Beth Ann Seal) looks trendy and chic letterpress printed in pewter and fuchsia inks.  The fuchsia ink adds a truly fun pop of color where the pewter gray ink tones down the pink hue just perfectly.  And we love that the refreshing art deco design at the bottom adds bold character.  Edge painting in fuchsia adds another colorful appeal to these letterpress save the dates.

inks: pewter + fuchsia| fonts: bejeweled + nysa | paper: 1-ply white | size: a6 |edge paint: fuchsia

This is a customization of Bella Figura's Palmas design featuring a bright summery palette.

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Our Emile Design Shines with Glitz and Glamour

We think this vintage customization of our Emile design (by Jessica Tierney) is truly eye catching – for good reason!  With a combination of our jade letterpress ink and silver shine foil the invitation becomes even more awe-inspiring.  Our silver shine foil adds the perfect touch of shimmer and glitz to these invitations – which should only help generate more excitement for the upcoming nuptials.

ink: jade | foil: silver shine | font: nadall | paper: 2-ply ivory | invitation size: f8 | liner: the classic chevron in jade ink | edge paint: jade

This is a customization of Bella Figura's Emile design that is both letterpress printed and foil stamped.

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Bella Figura Design Contest Third Place Winner! Modern Ribbon by Judy Paulen Designs

Our 2012 Design Contest is in full swing, and today we’re excited to begin announcing our finalists! The lovely Amanda from Ruffled — one of our all-time favorite wedding blogs — was our judge for this year’s contest. If you’re looking for pretty wedding inspiration with a vintage touch, Ruffled is the place to go!

Amanda selected this modern customization of our Ribbon design from Judy Paulen Designs in Tenafly, New Jersey as the third place winner for our contest. Amanda said, “This invitation immediately has me daydreaming of a flowy wedding gown and a garden wedding. The scripted font is perfect for this style – whimsical and chic, just how this wedding would be.”

We think the added embellishments — bold edge painting, rounded corners and a statement pocketfold — definitely upped the wow-factor on this invitation set. The bride, Danielle, worked with Judy for her invitation suite, and she shared a snippet of Danielle’s vision with us: Danielle loved the sample in the Bella Figura album. She was looking for an unusual invitation that would intrigue and excite her international guest list, and the Ribbon design worked perfectly!  

Congratulations to Judy Paulen Designs for placing third in our 2012 Design Contest! We’ll be announcing our second place winner tomorrow!

This trendy customization from Judy Paulen Designs features Bella Figura's Ribbon design and was recognized in the 2012 Bella Figura design contest

inks: garden + taupe  | fonts: futura + ribbon  | paper: 2-ply white | invite size: f8  | liner: the classic color pattern in taupe ink | edge painting: garden | rounded corners

This design won third place in our Bella Figura design competition for 2012. This annual competition recognizes outstanding and inspired designs submitted to us by our beloved dealers.

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How to make bold color work for your wedding invitations

Bright inks that pop and neon that glows are going to be huge this year! These fun and funky colors add a lively feel to any of our letterpress wedding invitations and are sure to spark excitement about your big day to all your guests. But figuring out how to incorporate these intense colors into your own invitations can be challenging. So we’ve come up with some helpful tips to bring in bright colors!

Want to go all out with big, bright color in your invitations? You’ve got lot’s of amazing options to consider, but some of our favorite letterpress ink combinations that make a statement are: Cornflower and Watermelon inks for a sweet and summery look (like our Modern Fete design); ocean inspired Garden and Aquamarine inks; Jade and Sea-side inks for a destination wedding or Hot Pink and Day-glo inks (like Storybook Romance) that scream chic and contemporary. Pair the color in your invitations with an equally bold patterned or metallic envelope liner. You can use the same colors from your invitations to keep things consistent or spice it up with a complementary color to brighten things up even more. Then top it all off with some edge painting. Again, you can use one of the colors from your set or really up the contrast with a bright new color for an extra eye-catching look!

If neon and bright colors make you a little nervous, and you’re hesitant to put them on your actual invitations, consider adding some vibrant edge painting or foil edging to add a splash of color to an otherwise neutral palette. Adding a colorful edge is a great way to incorporate a bold color you love in moderation. If you’re feeling a little more daring, bring in the brights to your envelope liners. You can add some flare to an otherwise traditional invitation by choosing a graphic pattern in a bright color to really let your personality shine!

No matter what amount you use, adding bright, beautiful colors to your letterpress wedding invitations will surely make a lasting impression!


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Amici Letterpress Bar Mitzvah Invitations

We tend to focus a lot on all the lovely wedding invites we create around here, but truth be told we also print a TON of Bar and Bat Mitzvah invitations (and they’re always a blast!).  We can adapt any of our invite designs into a Bar/Bat invite very easily by changing up the wording, adding Hebrew characters, or – as is the case with this Amici (from designer Ian Koenig) customization, by adding a small star of David from our motif library.  Loving the simple beauty of this one.

inks: pewter + cardinal | font: requiem | paper: 1-ply white | invite size: sq-7 | edge painting: cardinal | client coordinator: chris gannon | in-house designer: sarah walroth
modern letterpress bar mitzvah invitations

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Modern Elegance customization of Cascade Letterpress Wedding Invitations

The Cascade letterpress wedding invitation is the perfect match for this timeless bride. A mix of modern shapes for him and soft script for her- think classic elegance with modern flare.

cascade customization = inks: charcoal + chartreuse | fonts: sophia + jubliant | paper: white | invite size: f-8 | liner: antique geometrics | edge painting: wisteria | original design by Kelle Anne McCarter | customized by in-house designer Brenda Fox |
embellishment suggestions: foil stamping : silver matte

modern letterpress wedding invitations

(Photo Credits: Ashleigh Taylor Photography)

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Unique Modern Light Letterpress Birthday Invitations

These simple, yet wonderfully unique letterpress birthday invitations sent to us by our friends over at By Invitation Only in Arizona are a real treat!  The set features our Modern Light design (by Ian Koenig) and includes a beautiful invitation to the party as well as a reply card.  Each piece is printed in our espresso ink and has a charming monogram (which show off the initials for the person of honor as well as his birth date) in the top left corner.  Getting these in the mail would be almost as sweet as a slice of the Birthday cake!

ink: espresso | font: requiem | paper: 2-ply ivory | invite size: sq-7 | edge painting: espresso

minimalistic letterpress birthday invitation

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Edge Painting vs. Foil Edging – How to Choose?

Edge painting and foil edging are centuries old, but here at Bella Figura we are keeping this timeless practice alive! We offer both edge painting and foil edging as embellishment options for our letterpress invitations. Want to customize your invitations by adding an edging but not sure which option to choose? We know that the process of choosing embellishments may seem a little overwhelming (especially since we’ve added a lot to our list of options for 2012), so today we’re here to tell you about the differences between edge painting and foil edging, and we’ll help you determine which embellishment will work best for you.

Bella Figura has added foil edging as a new embellishment option for 2012 -- this post will help you figure out how to choose

First here are a few thing to ask yourself:

1. Do you want a sleek, metallic shine or a reflective edge?
2. Are you using foil stamping in your suite?
3. Do you want to use an accent color outside of our letterpress inks?
If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then foil edging may be the perfect choice!

Foil edging is a fabulous new embellishment option available at Bella Figura, and adds a metallic sheen to the edge of any letterpress invitation

We are completely in love with foil edging, and thrilled that we can offer this option! Shiny metallics will be really popular for weddings in 2012, so if you are looking for a trendy new way to enhance your invitations this may be the perfect fit for you. We have 12 dazzling new foil colors that are all stunning (ranging from more traditional silver, gold & copper colors to more modern teal, fuchsia & indigo). Foil edging leaves a shiny edge that we think is breathtaking. If you can’t fit foil stamped invitations into your budget but still want a special hint of shine, you can add foil edging!


1. Do you want a bright pop of color (think neons), or are you ordering a custom ink* color and want a cohesive suite? *Custom inks are an additional charge.
2. Do you want a matte finish?
3. Are you trying to keep costs down?
If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then edge painting may be the perfect choice!

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The 2012 Letterpress Invitation Collection from Bella Figura

Bella Figura’s letterpress invitation designs for 2012 have arrived!  We’ve added 6 brand new designers and 83 new letterpress wedding invitation designs – which means you’ve now got over 300+ incredible designs to choose from! We’ve added new embellishment options, too — think metallics (foil stamping and foil edging now available in 12 dazzling colors – choose traditional metallics like gold, silver or copper, or go for something a little more daring, like fuchsia, indigo, forest or teal!). Metallics and shine will be a huge wedding trend for 2012, so mix foil stamping with letterpress for a hint of glamour, create a show-stopping look with a powerful pair of foil stamped colors (think two tone gold or gold with silver), or add foil edging for a splash of sophisticated flair.

Shiny metallics are one of the beautiful new options from Bella Figura's 2012 collection

Pretty metallics will shine in 2012 -- foil stamping is now available from Bella Figura

Counter clock-wise from upper left: Aria by Maybelle; Canto by Kelle Anne McCarter; Fugue by Kamal; Traditional Script by Beth Barr; Moroccan Romantic by Lindsy Aragona; Unique Minimes by Gina Dean and Lauren Richel Kelly. 

An assortment of foil stamped and foil edged pieces from Bella Figura

New designs and metallics aren’t the only thing we’ve got that’s new for 2012! We’ve got new calligraphy styles, new options for pocketfolds, envelopes + envelope liners, and more. There’s a wide variety of artwork, cartouches, and monograms in our motif library.  Let Chris – one of our knowledgeable invitation experts – walk you through all of the amazing new offerings (just check out the video below!)

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Surprise, Surprise – Balsam Calligraphy Letterpress Birthday Invites!

We love it when someone thinks outside of the box and customizes one of our letterpress wedding invitations for a separate occasion. These letterpress surprise birthday invitations feature Patricia Mumau‘s whimsical Balsam Calligraphy design. Our vine ink fits perfectly with the calligraphy leaf motif that repeats throughout the set. For maximum contrast a solid envelope liner in Chartreuse and edge painting were carefully selected. We could barely keep these a secret!

ink: vine | calligraphy: harrison hand calligraphy, by patricia mumau style | paper: 1-ply white  | invite size: a7 | liner: the classic color pattern in chartreuse  | edge painting: chartreuse | client coordinator: christie jones  | in-house designer: lindsy aragona

surprise letterpress calligraphy birthday invitations

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