Design Contest Winner: Love in Translation by The Wedding Company – Hong Kong

The second honoree in our design contest features sweet lovebirds for a wedding half-way around the world. We cannot get enough of this recently letterpressed Lovebirds (by Ian Koenig) wedding invitation set, submitted by our friends at The Wedding Company in Hong Kong.

This invitation displays the heartfelt expression of a couple showing their affection for each other.  Their new life together will open up to paths leading to fresh beginnings.


The pewter ink represents their path to adventure, and the love they feel for one another is, of course, symbolized by the use of our stunning British rose ink.

Coupled with our modern canopy envelope liner – this invitation set is the perfect match for such a romantic pair. Lovebirds — unite!

inks: pewter + british rose | font: geometric + belizio | paper: 1-ply white | invite size: f-8 | liner: modern canopy pattern in british rose and pewter inks |


This design won an honorable mention in our Bella Figura design competition for the first half of 2011. This twice-a-year competition recognizes outstanding and inspired design submitted by our beloved dealers.

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Lovebirds Letterpress Wedding Invitations

Printed in cardinal and pewter inks, this letterpress wedding invitation is our Lovebirds design. With a chic pewter envelope liner, we love that this couple chose to print both their names and “love” in red – a perfect symbol of their upcoming marriage.

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Lovebirds Custom Letterpress Wedding Invitations

Our Lovebirds letterpress wedding invitation design is one we just absolutely adore. For this couple’s wedding we printed it in espresso and surf inks. It’s modern and playful and we find it completely charming.

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Choosing Letterpress Wedding Invitation Pieces

Deciding which pieces to include when deciding on your letterpress wedding invitations can be a bit confusing if you’re just starting to research so we thought it would be helpful to share some of the pieces we print most often and how you might use them. The great thing about all of these pieces is that you can pick and choose just those elements that are relevant to your event and fit comfortably within your budget, lending a lot of flexibility as you decide on your invitation suite.

Letterpress save the date

{Save the Dates}
While not especially traditional, Save the Dates are becomingly increasing popular. Initially, Save the Dates {Cartoccio design featured above} were used almost exclusively for destination weddings, but we’re seeing a growing number of couples opting to send letterpress Save the Dates in advance of the wedding invitation to give guests a heads up on the upcoming event. Some simply list a date and location, while others might note a wedding website or specific venue. Usually couples send Save the Dates anywhere from six months to a year in advance, depending on the length of their engagement. Save the Dates are especially helpful when you are expecting a lot of out of town guests, but are by no means a requirement.

Letterpress Invitation

Your invitation card {Mimosa is shown above} is arguably the most important element among all others and even despite the dawn of the e-card age, most couples still have a preference for traditional invitations, letterpress invitations being among the favorites. A general rule of thumb is that invitations include the date, time and location of the festivities and are sent to guests six to eight weeks in advance. Etiquette has long dictated the wording of invitations, although these days there is an increasing flexibility in how you word your invitation to guests. While we love printing traditional invitations, we also love to see how our brides and grooms get creative with language as they welcome guests to celebrate their union. With our wide range of letterpress invitation designs, there is truly something for every couple.

Letterpress reception cards

{Reception Cards}
Traditionally, reception cards {Deveril reception card above} were enclosed along with the main invitation and listed the time and place of the wedding reception only, while the invitation card itself was reserved exclusively for ceremony details. Reception information can easily be included on the bottom of the invitation, though some couples prefer to have a separate letterpress reception card if their reception is being held at a different location later in the evening, or if there are separate guest lists for each events. One great way to save money is to forgo the reception card, which is not only budget friendly, but also eco friendly too as it saves on paper. What’s not to love?

Letterpress reply card

{Reply Cards/Postcards}
Reply cards {Lovebirds letterpress design above} as we know them are actually a modern custom, as traditionally invitations did not include RSVP information. Rather, it was customary for guests to reply with a hand written note on their own stationery. How sweet is that? While this particular practice is largely a thing of the past, we do see a number of couples printing requests for replies directly on the invitation and forgoing a reply card altogether, sometimes directing guests to a website or email address. Another common option is the choice of a letterpress reply postcard in lieu of a reply card with envelope. Again there are is a lot of flexibility with what information is included on a reply card and these days it might include not only the names and number of guests, but also meal selections and where the guests might be lodging for the weekend.

Letterpress website card

{Website Cards}
Website cards are another modern evolution in wedding stationery and are often just small cards printed with a website address providing information on events, accommodations, directions, local attractions, and miscellaneous information that might be useful to guests. While not a traditional element, letterpress website cards are very useful for spreading the word that you have a wedding website and that you’d like guests to visit. Some couples even opt to print extras so they can keep them on hand to give out when friends and family ask wedding-related questions. What a great idea!

Letterpress directions card

{Directions/Accommodation Cards}
An increasing number of couples are opting to include direction and/or accommodations cards these days, especially as more couples plan destination or weekend-long events. We’re printing a growing number of directions cards and accommodations cards, sometimes one and the same, providing an abundance of really useful information for guests looking to make travel arrangements. It’s an extra element of hospitality that never goes overlooked by guests as anyone can appreciate not having to take extra time to research the best places to stay or how to get to the ceremony. It’s also possible to print directions on one side of a card and accommodation information on the other, even with letterpress, which is another great way to save money and save paper while still providing guests with great information.

{Tips for Deciding Which Pieces to Include}

- Determine the information that would be most useful to your guests given the details of your particular event and make that your focus

- Combine pieces where possible to help accommodate your budget

- Get creative! Don’t be afraid to include something totally unique or nontraditional, especially if you think it might be helpful for your guests

- Make it your own – letting your personalities shine through will always guarantee a beautiful letterpress invitation suite

We are always willing to answer questions and help you decide what invitation elements are perfect for you and your event. If you’re considering letterpress wedding invitations and wondering what pieces to include, let us know and we’re happy to help with ideas!

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