Foil and Letterpress Gramercy Invitations

Decked out with some of Debi Zeinert‘s gorgeous Spencerian calligraphy accents, this is a great spin on Amy Graham Stigler‘s original Gramercy design. Not only did our friends at Magnificent Milestones send us this customization but they dreamed it up for one of their very own! Now if you’re lucky enough to get one of these in the mail you’ve just got to ask yourself one question: am I a cow person, or a carrot person?

letterpress ink: lavender | foil ink: silver matte | paper: 2-ply white | invite size: f8 | edge painting: amethyst | customization #: 13997 |

This is a letterpress + foil customization of Gramercy featuring hand calligraphy


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Shining the spotlight on silver foil

Silver has been making its mark on all sorts of Bella Figura wedding invitations these days — modern and classic designs alike have been featuring silver foil stamping for an added touch of glamour. Whether you choose matte or shiny silver foil (or both!), adding this classic metallic can up the sophistication factor on any invitation. Check out some of the beautiful invitations we’ve printed with silver foil lately!

Matte and shiny silver foil stamping has been wildly popular for the 2012 wedding season!

[Joie de Vivre wedding invitation featuring silver shine foil stamping paired with amethyst ink on our white cotton paper.]

[Silver matte and silver shine foil look stunning next to our seaside letterpress ink in this customization of our Fugue design.]

[Gramercy wedding invitations printed in lavender letterpress ink with matte silver foil stamping and Copperplate hand calligraphy accents.]

[This customization of our Drawing Room design pairs shiny silver foil with classic black ink.]

[Silver shine foil stamped accents look stunning next to Prussian blue letterpress ink on this Byzantine wedding invitation.]

[Silver shine foil and pewter letterpress inks look dashing together on this customization of our Wisteria design.]

[This customization of our Royal Night design pairs shiny silver foil with navy letterpress ink.]

If silver isn’t your thing, check out some of our other foil stamping colors! With 12 dazzling metallics to choose from, we’ve got foil colors for every type of occasion. Not sure which color foil to choose? Not a problem — after you’ve placed your order, one of our expert designers can help you select the best options for your wedding invitations with a one-on-one design consultation!


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Gramercy Letterpress Save the Date Booklets and Invitations

What could be cooler than a two page letterpress save the date booklet that’s grommeted together in the corner so it swivels open and shut?  I don’t have a followup for that intro, but personally I think these are pretty rad.  It’s a great way to include additional details and to make the whole card interactive and fun.  This set is a customization of one of Amy Graham Stigler‘s designs, Gramercy, and besides the grommeted save the date it also features letterpress invitations with a pocketfold and a design-coordinated envelope liner.  We owe the privilege of printing this beautiful set to the lovely bunch at Union Street Papery.

inks: pms 7529 + clover | calligraphy accents: harrison by patricia mumau | paper: 2-ply white | save the date size: a6 | invite size: f-8 |

letterpress save the date booklets

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