Lovely Emile Design in Silver Foil and Lavender Letterpress

This gorgeous customization of our Emile design takes beauty to a whole new level by using additional motifs from our design library.  The combination of silver shine foil and lavender letterpress work perfectly on each piece, as the hand calligraphy accents add a personal touch.

letterpress ink: lavender | foil: silver shine | font: baskerville | calligraphy: Lady M, by Kelle McCarter | paper: 2-ply white | size: f8 | customization #: 15598 |

Lavender and silver shine foil look gorgeous together

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Our Emile Design Shines with Glitz and Glamour

We think this vintage customization of our Emile design (by Jessica Tierney) is truly eye catching – for good reason!  With a combination of our jade letterpress ink and silver shine foil the invitation becomes even more awe-inspiring.  Our silver shine foil adds the perfect touch of shimmer and glitz to these invitations – which should only help generate more excitement for the upcoming nuptials.

ink: jade | foil: silver shine | font: nadall | paper: 2-ply ivory | invitation size: f8 | liner: the classic chevron in jade ink | edge paint: jade

This is a customization of Bella Figura's Emile design that is both letterpress printed and foil stamped.

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String Calligraphy + Emile Letterpress Invitations

We simply adore this customization of our String Calligraphy letterpress wedding invitation design, which features the hand calligraphy of Bella Figura calligrapher Patricia Mumau of Primele Studio. It was letterpress printed in black ink on our 2-ply cotton paper and features papaya edge painting. The backside of the invitations as well as the escort cards and favor cards all showcase our Emile design in blind deboss, while the letterpress thank you cards and envelopes all feature a custom designed, blind deboss tree motif, perfect for this South African safari wedding. To complete this beautiful custom design, the envelopes are lined in champagne and the favor cards were hole drilled and grommeted.

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