Letterpress Wedding Invitation Trend – Eco RSVP Requests

One of our favorite recent trends in letterpress wedding invitations has been the increasing number of requests we’ve received to print RSVP information directly on the outer envelope flap. The envelope is letterpress printed with either a website address, email address or another means by which RSVPs are requested, without having to send guests a separate reply card. It’s a fabulous idea that is incredibly eco-chic because it saves so much paper, but it’s also budget-friendly, too! A couple cannot only reduce paper usage, but also save the money they would have spent if providing guests with a reply card and postage. Paired with lovely letterpress wedding invitations, it’s chic, streamlined and equally appropriate for a barefoot wedding on the beach or a black tie affair. We’re in love with these that we’ve recently printed and can’t wait to print more…

RSVP Info on Envelope Flap

RSVP Info on Envelope Flap

RSVP Info on Envelope Flap

by Cynthia Converse on August 5th, 2009. Category: Green Wedding Ideas,Wedding Trends | (2) comments

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  1. Gorgeous. Just gorgeous.

  2. So nice and beautiful. You show us amazing ideas for the letterpress.

    vencanje 6/12/12 at 10:25 am

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