Cool wedding invitation trend: monochrome colors!

Excuse us if we gush about the colors of this letterpress wedding invitation (in the Somersby invitation design) but — we are in love with these colors! The inks are perfect and stylish and sophsticated shades of pink: papaya & fuchsia that play off each other and interact in this lovely way. And check out the reply card – mainly papaya, but with a line of fuchsia (wow!). Monochrome colors will be a hot wedding trend for 2009, we’re predicting. You choose a color, then choose shades of those colors, and then everything looks perfect together. Monochrome colors offer a clean, eye-pleasing look, and make choosing flowers, decor, and even bridesmaid dresses easier (choose any shade of pink, for instance!). Monochrome letterpress wedding invitations are (trust us) also very, very pretty. Enjoy!

Letterpress invitations - shades of pink - Bella FiguraLetterpress invitations - shades of pink - Bella Figura
Letterpress invitations - shades of pink - Bella Figura

by Debbie Urbanski on January 28th, 2009. Category: Design Customizations,Inspiration,Wedding Trends | No comments

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