Autumn Wedding Invitations with Elegant Calligraphy

Saturated colors, warm candles, and earthy accents create an elegant vibe. Our Elegant Monogram is an excellent choice for autumn wedding invitations. The design is foil stamped in tawny matte and pink shine for added romance and regal flair, and the hand calligraphy monogram and calligraphy accents bring a unique and personal touch to an already sophisticated design.

Autumn Wedding Invitations with hand calligraphy by Bella Figura

(Photo Credit: Style Me Pretty)

Flourished Calligraphy Wedding Invitations

Our classic Helena design by Debi Zeinert features exquisite hand calligraphy that is turned into gorgeous letterpress wedding invitations. We love the way Judy Paulen Designs helped us dream up this two color variation.

inks: charcoal + jade | calligraphy: Helena by Debi Zeinert | paper: 2-ply white | invite size: F8 | foil edging: teal shine | liner: metallic silver | customization #: 16816 |

Letterpress wedding invitation with hand calligraphy

Loretta Formal Save the Dates with Clermont Hand Calligraphy

Soft, simple, and sweet, these Loretta Formal style save the dates feature the Clermont style hand calligraphy of Debi Zeinert for the bride and grooms names.  The original Loretta Formal sample actually features Debi’s Revolution style calligraphy, which just shows yet another way you can customize designs however you like best.  Thanks to Rock Paper Scissors for sending us this to print!

ink: pewter | font: poetica | hand calligraphy: clermont, by Debi Zeinert | paper: 1-ply white | size: a6 | customization #: 16418

Classic gray letterpress save the dates


Petite + Budget Friendly String Calligraphy Letterpress Invitations

Maybe you’re trying to stick to a set budget but really want letterpress invitations?  Maybe you just love things that come in small-ish packages?  Either way, an awesome solution is to have us print your invites in our A6 size instead of our larger standard invitation sizes (like A7, SQ7, or F8).  Not only will you keep the costs down on your printing, but you’ll also save on postage as well – and look how sweet these little guys are!  They’re based on the standard String Calligraphy design, but printed in our A6 size that we typically reserve for save the dates (so these invites were priced just like save the dates would be).  For a full list of the sizes we have available, head on over to our size list.

inks: pewter + wisteria | calligraphy: string calligraphy by patricia mumau | paper: 1-ply white | invite size: a6 | edge paint: metallic silver | liner: european formal pattern in wisteria and dusty pink | customization #: 16015 |

If you are on a budget choose our save the date size!

Balsam Calligraphy Invitation

We had the pleasure of working with Georgia Ann’s Paperie on this spectacular Balsam Calligraphy letterpress suite.  The espresso ink truly brings out the beauty of the custom hand calligraphy by Patricia Mumau.  The envelope liner and letterpress printed pocketfold are the perfect way to tie everything together.

ink: espresso | calligraphy: the Harrison hand by Patricia Mumau| paper: 2-ply ivory | invite size: f8 for pocketfold | customization #: 15044 |

Earthy letterpress paired with custom hand calligraphy make this a perfect wedding invitation.

Simple Dot Letterpress Wedding Invitations with Calligraphy!

The Dandelion Patch in Washington DC strikes again with this brilliant customization of our Simple Dot design (by Sarah Walroth). The harrison hand calligraphy accents paired with the font and motifs from our Allegory Modern design add a unique and personal touch to this suite. Plus how cute are those coasters?

inks: light peach + navy  | font: alouette | calligraphy: harrison hand calligraphy by Patricia Mumau  | paper: 1-ply white | invite size: f8 | liner: modern light pattern in light peach ink | customization #: 14697 |

This is a customization of Bella Figura's Simple Dot design featuring motifs from Allegory Modern and custom hand calligraphy.

Shiny New Calligraphy Foil Wedding Invitations

The New Calligraphy design by Debi Zeinert gets an updated look in a vertical orientation and all foil ink. The hand calligraphy flourishes are elegant in our gold matte foil.

foil: gold matte | calligraphy: Revolution hand calligraphy, by Debi Zeinert | paper: 1-ply white | invite size: f8 | customization #: 13068 |

This is a customization of Bella Figura's New Calligraphy design featuring foil stamping.

Mitty Calligraphy is stylish in Norwegian!

We love the Mitty Calligraphy letterpress wedding invitation design by Nicole Black. What’s even more impressive is that this invitation suite is in Norwegian! Bella Figura tries to accommodate all languages and we offer international orders. We also custom designed a map to go along with the style and the sea stripe envelope liner is another great choice. *Additional fees may apply.

ink: garden | fonts: holden + jubilant | calligraphy: mitty hand calligraphy, by Nicole Black | paper: 2-ply white | invite size: f8 | liner: the sea stripes pattern in garden ink | edge painting: garden | customization #: 14545 |

This is a customization of Bella Figura's Mitty Calligraphy design printed in Norwegian.

Whimsical String Calligraphy Bridal Shower Invitations

Our String Calligraphy design (by Patricia Mumau) is the perfect choice for a letterpress bridal shower invitation. The sea stripe envelope liner looks great in our #10 sized envelope. Thank you Paces Papers for submitting this whimsical invite.

ink:  aubergine | calligraphy: the harrison hand calligraphy style by Patricia Mumau  | paper: 2-pky white | invite size: #10  | liner: the sea stripes pattern in aubergine ink |

This is a letterpress customization of Bella Figura's String Calligraphy design printed in aubergine.

Mellow Elegance – Sonoma Calligraphy Letterpress Wedding Invitations

Our Sonoma Calligraphy  (by Maybelle Imasa-Stukuls) wedding invitations look soft and sweet in our pewter and yolk letterpress inks. The gorgeous hand calligraphy by Maybelle Imasa-Stukuls adds a delicate and personal touch. Thank you Hitched in Washington, DC for submitting these lovelies.

inks: pewter + yolk  | calligraphy: Belle hand calligraphy, by Maybelle Imasa-Stukuls | paper: 1-ply white  | invite size: f8  |

This wedding invitation customization of Bella Figura's Sonoma Calligraphy design is letterpressed in pewter and yolk inks.

Gorgeous Victoria Calligraphy Wedding Invitations that Shine!

The Wedding Library in New York submitted this elegant customization of our Victoria Calligraphy design by Sarah Hanna. An instant classic in our opinion, the timeless style shines in copper shine foil and looks lovely with our opal envelopes.

ink: black | foil: copper shine | hand calligraphy: the victoria hand calligraphy style by Sarah Hanna  | paper: 2-ply ivory  | invite size: f8 | foil edging: in copper shine foil |

This is a customization of Bella Figura's Victoria Calligraphy design using foil stamping in copper shine.

Choosing the best calligraphy style for your letterpress wedding invitations

Hand calligraphy is a gorgeous way to add a unique, personal touch to your letterpress wedding invitations. Whether you’re adding a line of calligraphy accents to emphasize names or a venue, or creating the entire invitation with hand-crafted calligraphy, it’s a completely sophisticated way to set your invitations apart from the rest. We offer over 15 hand calligraphy styles from our 6 master calligraphers, and styles range from traditional and formal to modern and laid-back. If you plan to pair hand calligraphy with a font for your invitations, it’s best to find styles that complement one another. Here are our favorite pairings for calligraphy styles and fonts based on 4 popular wedding styles.

A formal wedding invitation works best when an all caps font like Impression is paired with an elegant hand calligraphy style like Spencerian. The combination of this regal font with the flourished Spencerian calligraphy style immediately creates a classic and beautiful invitation.

Bella Figura's recommendations for how to pick the perfect calligraphy style for your wedding invitations
You can create the perfect vintage invitation by simply using a romantic calligraphy style like Victoria. Pull inspiration from love letters written in the 19th century and your invitations will certainly take on an old world feel. If you’re looking to pair Victoria calligraphy with a font, we think it looks beautiful with Utrecht (like in the Delambre Classic design).

Bella Figura's recommendations for how to pick the perfect calligraphy style for your wedding invitations

Modern, fun and quirky, this customization comes to life with vibrant hues and the Mitty calligraphy style. If your event is a bit informal and playful, look for a calligraphy style that reflects just that. Pair the Mitty hand with Jubilant for a modern look if you only want to use a few lines of hand calligraphy (see our Modern World design for an example!)

Bella Figura's recommendations for how to pick the perfect calligraphy style for your wedding invitations

This beach inspired customization is perfect for a destination wedding! We paired a light, airy font called Henry with the Harrison calligraphy style, which in itself captures the feeling of the ocean.

Bella Figura's recommendations for how to pick the perfect calligraphy style for your wedding invitations

We love the look of letterpressed hand calligraphy on a wedding invitation, and a perfect finishing touch is hand calligraphed envelopes. For a completely coordinated set, you can work directly with any of our master calligraphers for envelope addressing!

Photos from Style Me Pretty

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