Do the World a Favor, and We’ll do you one back – Free Letterpress Favor Cards

Not to toot our own horn, but this little free favor card promotion of ours has been phenomenally successfully – more so than we could have dreamt!  Some of the letterpress favor cards we printed even wound up on the Today Show!  To see so many generous people helping out worthwhile non-profit organizations instead of giving out little bags of Jordan almonds at their wedding (not that we have anything against those delicious treats) is just amazing to see.  It’s so inspiring to see such genuine goodness in people!  But of course, we never had any doubts that our clients are just those kind of thoughtful, big-hearted people to make a promotion like this a wild success.

Admittedly though, with there being such a rich abundance of amazing charities to consider, it can be little tough to decide just which one you would like to donate to in your guest’s honor.  To get your generosity muscles flexing though, here’s a tiny sampling of just a couple of the organizations we’ve printed cards for so far: The American Cancer Society, The World Wildlife Fund, Kiva, Faith in Place, The Human Rights Campaign, PETA, Donors Choose, Tiyatien Health, The St. Judes Childrens Hospital, Between Friends Club, The ALS Association, The Survivor Fund, The Wounded Warrior Project, Susan G Komen for the Cure, The American Heart Association, The Starship Children’s Hospital and Foundation, The American Lung Association, Ag47, and The Center For Addiction and Mental Health. And this really is just the tip of the iceberg, amazingly enough.

Having trouble selecting just the right charity?  You might want to consider making smaller donations to several different organizations, so that way the love’s spread around even more.  Another really cool way to get your guests involved is to let them vote for the one they prefer at the wedding.  You can list the possible nonprofits you’re thinking about on the favor cards and then let them vote by either writing on the card and handing them back, or by putting them into one of several boxes (one for each charity).  Then just tally up the votes, and you’re all set!

So if you’re planning on working with us for your letterpress wedding invitations and think you might like to make a donation to a nonprofit in lieu of favors at your wedding, please let us know – we would absolutely love to print them for you!  Please do take a moment to look over the details on our promotion page. And just a tidbit more fine print for this: this promotion is for letterpress favor cards only, and does not include foil stamped favor cards (sorry!).  If you would like hand calligraphy accents, edge painting, or corner rounding included on these cards we’ll be happy to include those things as well, but we do charge extra for those kinds of optional embellishments.