While certain aspects of weddings have remained the same over time—there will always be two people and it will always be beautiful—other parts of a wedding are more variable and influenced by wedding trends. It’s probably a good thing. Would we still want to be married in Victorian petticoats and high necked lace? Probably not. But how to you separate the flash in the pan trends from the lasting mainstays? How do you make sure your wedding will remain beautiful but still feel fresh and current and unique? How can you make sure your reception will be one of a kind, that your dress will be spot on, that the cake will be jaw dropping and something your guests have never before experienced? Is calligraphy in or out? (In.) Are cupcakes totally 2011? (Yes.) And how do you have a wedding without destroying the planet (or your checking account)? We don’t have all the answers, but we know wedding trends, and we have a lot of wedding ideas to share with you. Check out the links below to learn more.

  • 2013 wedding trends: What will the big wedding trends be for 2013? We’ll share the hot colors, fonts, designs, fashion, and bridal trends for the upcoming year.
  • Green wedding and eco wedding ideas: Make your wedding a positive force for the planet. Get green wedding ideas and tips for keeping your celebration an eco one.
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  • Real weddings: Need inspiration now? You’ll find it in these beautiful real weddings of our customers, including real-life advice from brides about the big day.
  • Wedding ideas: We reveal the secrets of how to choose the perfect fonts, the perfect inks, the perfect envelope liners, and find the perfect invitation design for your wedding.
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