(tree free, recycled, and/or FSC certified options)

You can add one of our pocketfolds to any of our wedding invitations to create a memorable enclosure and add some modern color. Our pocketfolds are exclusive to us, made right here in our print shop, using eco papers ranging from 100% PCW to reclaimed cotton to FSC certified. We now offer letterpress printing on our pocketfolds too! Our pocketfolds are smartly self-closing with a flap, requiring no labels, adhesive, or ribbon, and they’re available in rectangular and square sizes. We adhere the invitation onto the pocketfold before shipping them to you. Colors below are digital approximations, so when placing a sample order, simply request samples of our pocketfold colors and we’ll send them out to you! Please note there is an additional charge for this customization.

Design tips for pocketfold invitations

  • Your pocketfold can function as an inner envelope—you or your calligrapher can address the pocketfold to your guests as you would an inner envelope
  • Letterpress printing on our pocketfolds is a great way to make your pocketfold invitation unique. On the exterior of your pocketfold, we can letterpress print the bride and groom’s names, the date of your wedding, a monogram, or simple bring in design elements from your wedding invitation. Even when printing on your pocketfold, we can leave room for you to write your guests’ names if you’d like.
  • We offer free design consultations after you place your order, where you’ll have a chance to talk to our designers about your options and leanings. So if you’re not sure what pocketfold color to use for your invitation design, or what exactly to letterpress on your pocketfold, no worries! (and if you need help now, just ask!).
  • Want to see some awe-inspiring pocketfolds in action? View some great pocketfold wedding invitations on our blog.