Why are we obsessed with foil stamping? It’s like asking why there are continents, or why winter happens. Our love for foil exists, it just is there, but let us be frank: this printing method excites us like nothing else. You have to see it for yourself, right now! Check out foil stamping on our invitations. Note that gold and silver are offered in matte and shine. Other colored foils are offered in shine only. You can request swatches of our foil stamping colors when you order samples. You can mix letterpress and foil on an invitation; or you can go all foil, choosing a single foil, or going double (2 foils on 1 card). Need help coming up with the perfect wedding colors for your invitations?

Design tips for foil stamping

  • Mix and match 1 and 2 color printing to keep costs down. If you need to keep costs down, you can print certain pieces in 2 colors, but other pieces in 1 color (1 color pieces are less expensive). For instance, your invitation can have 2 inks, but your reply card only have 1 ink.
  • Turn a 2 color design into a 1 color design. You can take a 2 color design and print it only in 1 color if you want. Or you can take a 1 color design and print it in 2 colors—it’s totally up to you!
  • Get color inspiration. Our designers have pulled together some of their favorite wedding color combinations on our blog. Or check out some of our favorite wedding invitation customizations to see some great ink combinations in action.
  • Request a free design consultation. Still not sure what ink combinations will best capture the style of your wedding? We offer free design consultations after you place your order, where you’ll have a chance to talk one on one with our designers about all of your invitation choices (or if you need help now, just ask!).
  • See a sample design in your top 3 colors. Email us this form and let us know your favorite design, and what 3 colors you’d like to see that design in—we’ll email you images of that design in your colors within 1 business day. (sorry, we need to limit to one design—but you will have the opportunity to see additional color options once you’ve placed your order!)