We know you’re one of a kind, and so are our custom wedding invitations. Every single wedding invitation that we letterpress (or foil stamp!) is unique. We make joyful noise when people like you re-imagine our designs and create something revolutionary. Here’s how you can customize our invitation designs. And here’s some good news: because our wedding invitations are easily customizable, we can work with all sorts of budgets. If you’re on a budget, we can help! We have all sorts of creative ways to keep cost down.

At no additional cost, you can customize our wedding invitations in the following way:

  • Inks: choose from 70+ signature letterpress inks and 15+ metallic foil colors.
  • Fonts: choose from our 40+ letterpress fonts.
  • Paper color: choose from white and ivory versions of our exclusive 100% cotton paper.
  • Sizes: go square and rectangular, horizontal or vertical
  • Envelopes: choose between white cotton, ivory cotton, or a variety of eco colors.
  • Motifs and monograms: add a motif or font monogram from our library.
  • Design: resize illustrations, multiply artwork, reorient type, change the occasion, and more.
  • Invent: We can also letterpress print your own press-ready design.

For an additional cost, you can customize our letterpress invitations in the following ways:

  • Paper weight: upgrade to our exclusive 700 gsm 2-ply paper for thick luxury and super deep impression.
  • Printing method: add foil stamping to your design.
  • Envelope linings: dream up your own patterned liner (100% PCW recycled) by choosing from 25+ patterns and 70+ inks—or choose an eco metallic, vintage map, or cityscape liner.
  • Edge painting: we hand paint the outside edges of our invitations with a pretty color.
  • Foil edging: we can add silver, gold, or one of a variety of shining colored foils to the edges of your pieces.
  • Pocketfolds: choose from our exclusive eco pocketfolds. We can letterpress print on them too!
  • Die-cutting: make a statement with Bella Figura's exclusive die-cut shapes, Lincoln and Charleston.
  • Custom hand calligraphy: our master calligraphers can pen hand-lettered invitation designs for you, as well as calligraphy monograms, and calligraphy line accents too.
  • Custom design: we can create a custom design from scratch for you.
  • Corner rounding: soften the edges of your invitations with rounded corners.
  • Hole drilling and grommeting: make information packets, favor tags, and more.

To decrease the cost of your wedding invitations, try these ideas:

  • Go with 1 color printing (you can change a 2 color design to 1 color, or use 2 colors on an invitation and 1 color on a reply card).
  • Order 6 printed pieces (envelopes count!) and save 10%.
  • We offer free letterpress favor cards if your guest favors are a donation to a non-profit (minimum order $500 for this).
  • Choose no printing on the envelopes.
  • Choose letterpress over foil stamping.
  • Choose 1-ply cotton paper instead of 2-ply (and you can mix weights of paper—for instance, a 2-ply invite with a 1-ply reply card).