Fun-Meets-Formal Letterpress Invitation Trend – Edgy Edging

Featuring the gorgeous hand calligraphy of Debi Zeinert, Classic Calligraphy definitely tends to be one of our more, well, classic designs.  Throw some fresh Navy ink and vibrant Watermelon edge painting into the mix though, and you get a really great splash of bold contemporary style.  A brightly contrasting edge paint color is a wonderful way to make things fun and current without going too far overboard and loosing the vintage-inspired vibe of the overall set.  These invitations also feature a cute website card – an elegant and eco-friendly way to direct guests to your website for additional wedding details.

ink: navy | paper: 2-ply ivory | invite size: a7 | liner: antique geometrics pattern in navy | edge painting: watermelon | client coordinator: chris gannon | in-house designer: lindsy aragona

calligraphy letterpress wedding invitations


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Tree-mendously awesome Deveril Letterpress invitations!

Shocker alert – we’re pretty heavily into environmental conservation over here (big news, right?).  Everything from the tree-free cotton papers we print on, to the wind powered electricity we use, to our vegetable based inks and more is intended to minimize our impact on the natural world in every way we can possibly think of.  And so with that being the case, how could we not be totally all about this amazing naturally inspired Deveril (by Beth Ann Seal) customization!  We owe the pleasure of being able to print this beautiful set to our buds over at Sweet Paper in La Jolla, California.  It features espresso ink, our white 2-ply paper, and custom designed wood grain envelope liners inspired by our Adirondack design.  There’s also a little secret pocket on the back of the invite to hold the reception card, website card, and reply card neatly in place!  The whole set is earthy and organic feeling, but not in a kitschy kind of way because it’s still a very classic and formal looking set.  We dig it.  Hope you do too!

ink: espresso | fonts: burgues script + danube | paper: white 2-ply | invite size: f8 | liner: custom adirondack pattern in espresso

eco letterpress wedding invitations

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Whimsical Letterpress Wedding Invitation Set featuring Belle Hand Calligraphy

Featuring Belle hand calligraphy these Flourish letterpress invitations (by Jamie Lea Bertsch) are what’s happening!  This set features Maybelle Imasa-Stukuls’ Belle hand calligraphy which is one of the many different calligraphy styles we offer.  The stellar pairing of our prussian blue and chartreuse inks looks amazing on our 1-ply ivory paper.  The couple chose our save the date size (A6) for their reply card to better accommodate all of the details of their wedding weekend!  With flat place cards and adorable website cards printed in prussian blue inks-their guests can get the lowdown on the wedding fun!  We’re in love with their flawless tea length programs letterpress printed to match with their set.  The couple even chose precious letterpress thank you cards to match to their invitations.  This heartfelt gesture shows the true appreciation of their friends and family being such an important part of their special day.

inks: chartreuse + prussian blue | font: jubilant | calligraphy style: belle by maybelle imasa-stukuls| paper: 1-ply ivory  | invite size: a7  | liner: the european formal pattern in chartreuse ink | client coordinator: jessica hanaman| in-house designer: racheal decker

calligraphy letterpress wedding invitations



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Handdrawn letterpress wedding invitation for the modern minimalist

We are completely infatuated with these Handdrawn (by Erin Jang) letterpress invitations that our friends at Judy Paulen Designs in New York, NY submitted to us for printing.  We adore the overall ultramodern feel.  The reply card features multiple events options that are showcased on the weekend events card. Looks like the party will stretch on for days!

ink: pewter + aubergine|fonts: hannah| paper: 1-ply white cotton | invite size: f8  | liner: reverse simple geometrics pattern in aubergine ink |

by Jessica Hanaman, Client Coordinator.

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Typography Letterpress Wedding Invitations!

We just adore these recently printed letterpress wedding invitations in our Lumos design (by Ben Whitla).  The couple chose to adhere their invitation to a striking black pocketfold.  These brilliant pocketfold enclosures hold the couples website card.  We love how pronounced the bride and groom’s names look in black ink and the antique gold ink makes for an excellent pairing! Perfect for a black and white wedding theme, these invitations have a spot-on contemporary feel (and check out their save the dates in a previous post)!

inks: black + antique gold | fonts: sans capitals + popular | paper: 1-ply white | invite size: a-7 | pocketfold: black | client coordinator: jessica hanaman | in-house designer: kyle laatsch

by Jessica Hanaman, Client Coordinator.

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Avion Letterpress Takes Flight

Continuing our love affair with pretty shades of blue, these modern wedding invitations are a fresh take on our Avion letterpress invitations. They were printed in deep blue and pewter inks and designed for our popular square size. An accompanying website card details event information and fun letterpress escort cards complete the suite.

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Letterpress Directions + Accommodations Cards

We thought we’d share a fun round up of some of the awesome letterpress directions and accommodations cards we’ve printed in recent months. Some of them include maps and other details and some of them simply refer guests to a website with lots of extra information to make their travel easier. Accommodations cards are especially helpful if you’ve negotiated group rates at local hotels so guests know where to book their room. Check out these ideas for tons of great letterpress inspiration!

{Letterpress directions card in Flourish.}

{Tara accommodations + directions website card.}

{Tennyson letterpress directions card.}

{Directions card in Tuileries.}


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Mimosa Letterpress Wedding Invitations

These pretty letterpress wedding invitations feature a unique customization of our Mimosa design in aubergine and clover inks on our ivory paper. This couple also included a cute letterpress website card directing guests to a website with accommodations and travel information. The perfect finishing touch is a pretty clover envelope liner.

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Connemara Letterpress Wedding Invitations

This pretty customization of our Connemara design was printed in celadon and navy inks, and features gorgeous hand calligraphy accents on the letterpress wedding invitations and reply cards by calligrapher Debi Zeinert of The Blooming Quill. The couple opted for our 2-ply paper for the invitations, and 1-ply reply postcards, both with rounded corners. We also letterpress printed their petite website cards printed in navy – a great way to provide guests with additional wedding information!

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