Retro-cool Tara letterpress and foil wedding invitations

Jessica and Cameron were inspired by a vintage flyer when customizing our retro-cool Tara wedding invitation design for their autumn garden wedding. They added Gold Matte foil and more vintage design elements along with their own very personalized wording. To make sure guests had all the details, a double-sided direction/map card, accommodations card and brunch card were included.

Retro-cool Tara letterpress and foil wedding invitations | Bella Figura

letterpress inks: pool + espresso | foil stamping: gold matte | fonts: moravia + billhead + knockout + pyramid | paper: bella cotton 2-ply ivory | foil edging: gold matte | envelope: bella cotton ivory | envelope liner: european formal pattern in pool ink | customization #19205


Soft, Romantic Purple wedding invitations

Meredith and Timothy chose our Vintage Apothecary invitation design for their botanical garden wedding, customizing it with whisper soft letterpress inks and a sweet polka dot envelope liner.

Purple wedding invitation inspiration by Bella Figura

letterpress inks: wisteria + celadon | fonts: ashwell + zephyr | paper: bella cotton 1-ply ivory | envelope: bella cotton ivory | envelope liner: petite dot pattern in wisteria ink | customization #: 17408 | Dandelion Patch

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Vintage Rose Letterpress Wedding Invitations

Are you planning a timeless wedding with soft, romantic pastels, tea roses, and antiques for decor? Our gorgeous Roslyn Frame wedding invitation by Andrea Streeter would be the perfect choice for an elegant vintage wedding. Complete the look by displaying matching menus and fresh roses placed in vintage glass bottles on the tables.

Vintage rose letterpress wedding invitations by Bella Figura

(Photo Credit: Style Me Pretty)

Vintage with a modern twist: Odeon letterpress wedding invitations

Jordan and Daniel didn’t stray far from the original design of our Odeon wedding invitation – but with a more traditional, formal font pairing, they raised the bar on the already sophisticated, vintage-with-a-modern-twist design. A letterpress printed belly band secured the reply card, accommodations card and beach party invitation.

letterpress ink: black | foil stamping: gold shine | fonts: danube + impression | paper: bella cotton 1-ply + 2-ply white | envelope: bella cotton white | envelope liner: gatsby pattern in antique gold + black | customization #: 20076 | Judy Paulen Designs

Vintage with a modern twist: Odeon letterpress wedding invitations

Vintage Apothecary inspired by Classic China

Classic china, adored by generations, can help set the perfect tone for your serene wedding day, dressed in cool blues and natural hues.

vintage apothecary customization = inks: cornflower + prussian blue | fonts: pike + adele | paper: white | invite size: f-8 | liner: diego pattern in desert ink | original design by Lindsy Talarico | customized by in-house designer Brenda Fox |

embellishment suggestions: corner rounding

(Photo Credits: left: Petit Cabinet de Curiosites | right: Norman & Judith Keefer’s Booth)

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Traditional Charm Inspires Letterpress Wedding Invitations

If you are planning on getting married in your family’s estate or at a charming chateau, don’t overlook the details that make the place unique. Pulling inspiration from the style, decor or even the wallpaper can help you find the perfect letterpress wedding invitations. We love how effortlessly our Mae design pairs with the wallpaper behind the scenes in the photo of this beautifully captured wedding dress.

(Photo credit: Style Me Pretty)

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Charming Rustic Wedding with a Vintage Feel

Lucky in love? Do you dream of a vintage rustic wedding style with fresh flowers and naturally distressed wood? Why not pair our Antique Luck (the design of the month!) with your subtle Irish wedding style. We promise this letterpress wedding invitation is definitely worth its weight in gold.

Charm your friends with this lovely letterpress invitation

(Photo Credits: Style Me Pretty)

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Tips for finding green wedding rings

Looking for an eco-friendly approach to wedding rings?  Just by it’s nature, the work that goes into mining the raw materials used in wedding rings is pretty harsh on the earth. But that’s not to say there aren’t some really great options available – it just takes a little…digging.

Generally speaking, post-consumer recycled gold is always going to have less of an environmental footprint than freshly mined gold.  The problem is, loads of companies claim their wares are recycled or post-consumer or what have you, but this can be a tricky thing to verify. Still, selecting post-consumer recycled gold is generally a great way to go and there are tons of companies offering this sort of option right now — Green Karat and Brilliant Earth are two companies that do this — and both have Green America’s Green Business certification.

Designer Lindsy Aragona's antique engagement ring has a lot of sentimental value: it  features her grandmother's setting and his grandmother's diamond.

One idea we love? Go vintage. Bella Figura designer Lindsy Aragona’s engagement ring has a cool story behind it: the ring features her grandmother’s setting, and the diamond from her husband’s grandmother’s engagement ring. Consider going this route and use an heirloom piece that was passed down through your family – the added sentimental value will make the ring even more special.

Don’t have an heirloom piece in the family that can be used for your engagement ring or wedding bands? Maybe you have a stash of old broken jewelry you never wear or a hideous (but heartfelt) piece of jewelry your grandmother gave you?  Well rather than just letting it sit there, why not melt it down into something beautiful and meaningful that you’ll actually wear?  It’ll still be the same gold after all, so it’s still got the love.  Lots of jewelry companies offer this service now, and a good local jeweler certainly should be able to do this for you (which in turn supports the local economy and requires no shipping).  By taking all the mining, transportation and refining out of the equation you’re left with a ring that’s many times more eco-blingy, and besides, wouldn’t it feel good to know exactly where the metal in your ring came from?

Designer Lindsy Aragona's antique engagement ring has a lot of sentimental value: it  features her grandmother's setting and his grandmother's diamond.

Diamonds are a girls best friend and all that jazz, but we’ve all seen Blood Diamond. Maybe not so friendly after all. Diamond mining just isn’t an inherently sustainable thing for a vast array of environmental and socioeconomic reasons.  But it is definitely possible to source stones that are conflict free, you just need to do a little research first. You could also go the synthetic route and purchase lab-created diamonds — they’re conflict-free and don’t require mining, so you won’t be disrupting the planet for these gems. Brilliant Earth offers this as an option as well.

Do you do a lot of hiking? If you come across a cool stone in your travels, have it set into a ring.  Way cooler than diamonds if you ask me.  And there’s a story to tell.

Another really awesome option – take a jewelry making workshop and make your own!  If you live in a big city (or even if you don’t) chances are you’ll be able to find classes in jewelry making pretty easily.  If you take the class together, you and your other half will learn lots about the craft and by the end of it, you’ll have made your very own wedding rings!

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Pulling on our heartstrings – Harp Letterpress Wedding Invitations

Our Harp design (by Tara Hogan) is so beautiful it brings music to our ears! These letterpress wedding invitations look so beautiful here in a combination of pewter and pale gray letterpress inks. Adding that touch of color certainly enhances the elegant swirls and gives it a timeless look.

inks: pewter + pale gray  | fonts: moravia + parisian  | paper: 1-ply white  | invite size: a7  | liner: the vintage stripes pattern in british rose and pale gray inks | client coordinator: christie jones | in-house designer: racheal deckerelegant letterpress wedding invitations

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How to pick the perfect fonts for your wedding invitations

Fonts play a significant role in the overall look of your letterpress wedding invitations. They add personality and style and really reflect the mood of your event! Because choosing the perfect font for your wedding is so important, we know it can sometimes feel overwhelming with all the amazing options we offer, but here are some helpful tips to guide you in choosing the perfect font to match your style.

If you like the Modern look: We suggest fonts that have sleek, clean lines. Nothing too fussy or fancy. Simplicity is always key. Scale these chic fonts up in size to make a bold, graphic and attention grabbing statement!

modern wedding font inspiration

If you like the Vintage look: We suggest fonts that have a wise and worldly appeal. Slightly quirky and full of character to convey days of old.  To achieve the perfect vintage vibe, we love to combine several fonts together to create an eclectic look that will last for ages. Elegant script fonts paired with traditional Serif styles tend to tug at our heartstrings the most!

vintage wedding font inspiration

If you like the Formal look: We suggest elegant and traditional fonts that will never go out of style. Think Script fonts with big swash capitals reminiscent of the finest hand calligraphy or formal Serifs with straight lines and regal form. We love to pair them together to create a sophisticated style that will surely charm all of your guests!

formal wedding font inspiration

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