Serene and Dreamy Nostalgic Wedding Inspiration

There are row boats dressed with pink roses, swans gliding across the pond and an old time Studebaker parked outside this grand estate. Serene and dreamy, might be the words you would use to describe this nostalgic wedding.

ursula customization = ink: charcoal + pale gray | font: brandon + spencer | paper: white | invite size: f-8 | liner: dune pattern in whisper ink | original design by Aimee O’Boyle | customized by in-house designer Brenda Fox |

Serene and Dreamy Nostalgic Wedding Inspiration

Photo Credits: Lisa O’Dwyer

Ornate Gold Wedding Inspiration

Are you looking for inspiration to tie your entire gold wedding theme together? Why not use one of our wedding invitation designs to inspire your wedding cake? We love how perfectly the ornate gold details on our Ursula design look when paired with this pretty pink and gold fondant cake by Sweet & Saucy.

Ornate gold foil and soft pink letterpress wedding invitations

(Photo Credit: Sweet and Saucy)

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Garden Wedding Celebration with the Ursula design

Our Ursula design (by Aimee O’Boyle) features a combination of letterpress and foil stamping printing. We love the subtle font changes and choice of our jute envelopes to make this perfect for a garden wedding celebration.

letterpress ink: coral | foil: gold matte | fonts: jubilant + tropez |  paper: 1-ply white | invite size: f-8 | liner: diego pattern in coral  | customization #: 17065 |

Bella Figura's Ursula wedding invitations

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Colorful Ursula Letterpress Wedding Inspiration

Lovely lace and a bit of fun, bold colors make our Ursula design an easy pick for your upcoming “I do’s”!

urusla customization = inks: coral + charcoal | font: jubilant | calligraphy: maura hand calligraphy | paper: white | invite size: F8 | liner: diego in jade | original design by Aimee O’Boyle | customized by in-house designer Racheal Bumbolo |

embellishment suggestions: edge paint in jade

Our Ursula design looks stunning in this colorful customization

(Photo Credits: ruth eileen photography)

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