This Royal Night customization shines bright!

This customization of our Royal Night (by Lindsy Aragona) letterpress wedding invitations, sent to us by our friends at Magnificent Milestones, is a thing of beauty!  The mediterranean and charcoal inks really stand out on our 2-ply ivory paper and the sherbet edge painting adds to its allure.  The outer envelope liner really makes the whole set shine brighter!

inks: mediterranean + charcoal | fonts: swiss + futura | paper: 2-ply ivory | invite size: f8  | liner: the sea stripes pattern in mediterranean | edge painting: sherbet | customization #: 12721 |

This is a modern customization of Bella Figura's Royal Night design.

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Adventures and Starry Nights Inspired Letterpress Invitation

Majestic mountains, serene lakes, kayaks, and starry nights makes us excited that spring and warmer weather is upon us! Dust off your packs and get inspired by the outdoors!

Royal night customization = inks: pool + taupe | fonts: norah + ruby | paper: ivory | invite size: f-8 | liner: classic color pattern in pool ink |original design by Lindsy Aragona | customized by in-house designer Racheal Decker |

embellishment suggestions: jute pocketfold

rustic letterpress wedding invitations

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