Engagement Party, Bridal Shower + Rehearsal Dinner Invitations

Did you know that you can customize any of our 325+ wedding invitation designs for any occasion? We recently personalized a few of our favorite designs to create engagement party invitations, bridal shower invitations, and brunch + rehearsal dinner invitations – take a look!

Create custom invitations for rehearsal dinners, wedding brunches, bridal showers & engagement parties with Bella Figura

From left to right: Coriander, Rose, Analina & Glitterati 

Foil stamped + letterpress printed engagement party invitations from Bella Figura

Glitterati engagement party invitations with gold matte foil, shell letterpress ink + an elegant ombre patterned envelope liner in shell. 

Rose letterpress bridal shower invitations from Bella Figura

Rose letterpress bridal shower invitations. Printed in Prussian blue + cream inks on white paper and shown with an Ambrose patterned envelope liner. 

Coriander letterpress bridal shower invitations

Coriander letterpress bridal shower invitations. Printed in celadon, shell + French vanilla inks on ivory paper and pictured with a pearse patterned envelope liner. 

Letterpress rehearsal dinner invitations from Bella Figura

Analina die-cut rehearsal dinner invitations printed in black ink on white paper paired with an Augustine Damask patterned envelope liner. 

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Romantic Rose Wedding Details

Soft pastels, romantic rose petals, and a summery breeze create an ambiance for a charming contemporary wedding. A show-stopper cake and a charming letterpress invitation suite to match (like our Rose design by Ellie Snow) makes for a picture-perfect wedding celebration. Rose petals letterpress printed in pastels

(Photo Credits: Style Me Pretty)

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Colorful Rose Letterpress Wedding Invitations

Our friends over at the Dandelion Patch – Vienna sent us this beautiful customization of our Rose (by Ellie Snow) letterpress wedding invitation.  The fuchsia and papaya letterpress inks coupled with surf edge painting leave the recipient in awe!  Another wonderful feature of this invitation is the Maura calligraphy (by Kelle Ann McCarter) used for the names and how the surf edge painting ink is incorporated into the envelope liner.

inks: fuchsia + papaya | font: geometric block | calligraphy: maura calligraphy | paper: 2-ply ivory | invite size: sq7  | liner: rustic woodstock in surf + fuchsia + papaya | edge painting: surf | customization #: 14268 |

This whimsical and colorful letterpress wedding invitation is a customization of Bella Figura's Rose design.

by Sean Mahady on October 25th, 2012. Category: Design Customizations | 1 comment

Rose Letterpress Wedding Invitations are Pretty in Pink!

Our Rose design (by Ellie Snow) looks pretty in pink in this sweet letterpress wedding invitation. The trendy willow font really gives this set some character.

inks: british rose + pale gray  | fonts: willow + streamline  | paper: 2-ply white | invite size: SQ7 |

simple summer letterpress wedding invitations

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Design Contest Winner: Love in Translation by The Wedding Company – Hong Kong

The second honoree in our design contest features sweet lovebirds for a wedding half-way around the world. We cannot get enough of this recently letterpressed Lovebirds (by Ian Koenig) wedding invitation set, submitted by our friends at The Wedding Company in Hong Kong.

This invitation displays the heartfelt expression of a couple showing their affection for each other.  Their new life together will open up to paths leading to fresh beginnings.


The pewter ink represents their path to adventure, and the love they feel for one another is, of course, symbolized by the use of our stunning British rose ink.

Coupled with our modern canopy envelope liner – this invitation set is the perfect match for such a romantic pair. Lovebirds — unite!

inks: pewter + british rose | font: geometric + belizio | paper: 1-ply white | invite size: f-8 | liner: modern canopy pattern in british rose and pewter inks |


This design won an honorable mention in our Bella Figura design competition for the first half of 2011. This twice-a-year competition recognizes outstanding and inspired design submitted by our beloved dealers.

by Jessica Hanaman on August 12th, 2011. Category: Design Customizations,Inspiration | 1 comment