Plume letterpress invitations in custom inks!

We recently had the pleasure of working with an amazing local bride on her letterpress wedding invitation suite.  A gorgeous customization of our Plume design (by Amy Graham Stigler), these invitations were printed with two custom-mixed ink colors to match her wedding color palette – perfect for an elegant evening reception!

ink: custom pantone 7490 at 20% + custom pantone 7449 | fonts: nysa + jubilant | paper: 2-ply white | invite size: a-7 | liner: classic color pattern in custom pantone 7449 | edge painting: custom pantone 7490 | client coordinator: chris gannon | in-house designer: sarah walroth

by Sarah Walroth, In-House Designer.

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Spring green and black – a bold letterpress wedding combination perfect for summer!

We love this bold and modern letterpress invitation customization that combines the best of our Alice (by Tara Hogan) and Deveril (by Beth Ann Seal) designs! Submitted to us by our friends at The Village Invites II in New York, New York, this stylish set features double-sided letterpress invitations as well as dual-purpose coasters – our favorite! The fun combination of black and spring green inks, along with the unique monogram pattern on the reply postcard, has us head over heels!

ink: black + spring green | fonts: danube + impression | paper: 2-ply white | invite size: F-8 |  liner: vintage stripes in spring green ink | edge painting: spring green

by Sarah Walroth, In-house Graphic Designer.

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Victrola Letterpress Invites for the Record!

The perfect precursor to what’s sure to be a gorgeous vintage-chic outdoor wedding, this customization of our Victrola Letterpress design has got everybody here at the shop… spinning.  Pressed in Deep Blue and Pool on our 1-ply ivory paper,  the old school typography,  cool hues,  and ornate flourishes really lend this set some sick traditional Americana vibe.  Two color printing throughout the set (even on the envelopes) really helps to keep things cohesive and well balanced.

ink:  deep blue + pool | fonts:  victoria + manoir | paper:  ivory 1-ply | invite size:  F-8 | client coordinator:  chris gannon  | in-house designer:  kyle laatschblue victrolavictrola envelope and invitevictrola vintage reply

by Chris Gannon, Client Coordinator.

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Exquisite Soft Colors + String Calligraphy letterpress wedding invitation

We have our amazing friends at Social Graces in Nashville, Tennessee to thank for this elegant design customization of our String Calligraphy letterpress invitation! The invitation, featured in Pale Gray and Shell inks on our 1-ply white cotton paper, has matching reply postcards and detail cards in Pale Gray which complete the gorgeous set. We think these are perfect for a family farm celebration- and that is exactly what they are intended for!

ink: pale gray + shell | font: jubilant | hand calligraphy: harrison style | paper: 1-ply white | invite size: F8

Shell String CalligraphyString Calligraphy postcard pale grayDetails in String Calligraphy

by Christie Jones, Client Coordinator.

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Deveril Letterpress Wedding Invitations

These gorgeous letterpress wedding invitations feature our classic Deveril design in a custom navy ink on 2-ply paper. A cute reply card directing guests to respond on the web is a great way to keep letterpress both budget and eco friendly. (Saves on postage and paper!) The set showcases a gorgeous custom patterned liner that adds a modern touch of color to this sophisticated suite.

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Cool Letterpress Reply Card Ideas

In recent months we’ve been fielding a lot of questions about cool reply card ideas and wording options, so we thought it’d be fun to round up some of our recent favorites to share with you. From traditional reply cards with envelopes to cool reply postcards to petite-sized reply cards requesting a response via email or a website, the options are limitless. Go modern or traditional, but don’t be afraid to make your reply card your own!

[Surya letterpress reply card.]

[Letterpress reply card with edge painting in String Calligraphy.]

[Destination wedding reply card in Plume.]

[Birch letterpress reply card.]


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New Letterpress Reply Cards, Postcard Style!

We’ve noticed a lot more clients choosing letterpress reply postcards over the traditional reply card + envelope for their wedding invitations. We’re all for this trend – it’s more eco (less paper!), and also helps keeps budgets down and keeps letterpress more affordable. Reply postcards cost less to letterpress, and you also save a little bit on the postage. We’ve also seen a huge movement to do 2 color letterpress designs as 1 color (see below for some examples) – a great way to keep your costs down as well while keeping letterpress in your budget. While reply postcards are slightly less formal than reply cards + envelopes, it’s still totally appropriate for even high black tie events. Remember, we’re talking about letterpress postcards on a luxurious cotton paper — they’re still really, really lovely, and we know all of your guests will have trouble parting with them!

Here are a few of our favorites, starting with the Boutique letterpress postcard.

Letterpress reply postcards - 1 color - Bella Figura
The Champagne letterpress reply postcard — this is usually a two color design, but turning it into a 1 color piece helps keep costs down too.
Letterpress reply postcards - 1 color - Bella Figura
The Vintage letterpress postcard.
Letterpress reply postcards - 1 color - Bella Figura
The Deveril letterpress reply postcard.
Letterpress reply postcards - 1 color - Bella Figura
The Somersby letterpress postcard – another 2 color design that looks lovely in one color.
Letterpress reply postcards - 1 color - Bella Figura
Lastly, the Nonpareil! This is usually a two color design also.

Letterpress reply postcards - 1 color - Bella Figura

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