Colorfully Country Letterpress Save the Dates

Pressed in a really vibrant combo of our Surf and Aubergine inks, this customization of Jessica Tierney‘s Popular Country design turned out beautifully, and so we thought we’d share it.  This design tends to have a pretty vintage style to it, but it’s amazing how just throwing some bright inks into the picture really turns things around completely.  Love it.

inks: surf + aubergine | paper: 1-ply ivory | save the date size: a6 | client coordinator: chris gannon |

colorful letterpress save the dates

by Chris Gannon on June 21st, 2012. Category: Design Customizations | No comments

Design Contest Winner: A Broadway Birthday by Social Graces

Hey letterpress fans – Happy Birthday indeed! Nothing celebrates another year passing better than a party invite like this customization, courtesy of the lovely ladies at Social Graces in Nashville. When planning her mother’s 70th birthday party, Gretchen wanted an invitation reminiscent of retro Broadway movie tickets. Social Graces altered Jessica Tierney’s Popular Country design to take maximum advantage of the beautiful Norah script by combining it with the Bennington and Popular fonts.

Espresso was the perfect ink to pull off the “old-timey” feel, and the corner rounding embellishment solidified the desired effect of bringing us back to simpler, carefree days of youth.

Madelyn, we hope your 70th year is as beautiful as this invitation!

ink: espresso | fonts: popular + norah + impression + bennington | paper: 1-ply ivory | invite size: a-6 | corner rounding |


This design won an honorable mention in our Bella Figura design competition for the first half of 2011. This twice-a-year competition recognizes outstanding and inspired design submitted by our beloved dealers.

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