New Horizon Design – Letterpressed Bar Mitzvah Invitations

Submitted to us by our friends at Write Next Door, we’re totally loving these New Horizon (by Tara Hogan) letterpress Bar Mitzvah invitations.  Don’t you agree that this design looks youthful and stylish letterpress here in spring green and a custom dark blue hue?  This suite goes all out, with 2-ply stock for all of the pieces, edge painting and a two color envelope liner in our vintage stripes pattern, we’re really digging these!

inks: pms 281U + spring green | font: barber | paper: 2-ply white | invite size: f8 | edge painting in pms 281U | liner: the vintage stripes pattern in pms 281U + spring green | customization #: 15959 |

Letterpress bar mitzvah invitations in a custom blend

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New Horizon Letterpress Wedding Invitations in Sand + Surf

With a pairing of our sand and surf inks, Tara Hogan’s New Horizon letterpress wedding invitation design is looking rather fabulous.  We love that the clean cut, contemporary look is played up with an oversized block font for the bride and groom’s names.

inks: sand + surf | font: barber| paper: 1-ply white | size: F8 | customization #:15219 |

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New Horizon Design In Stunning Three Color Letterpress

Tara Hogan’s New Horizon design looks super modern in three color letterpress.  This is certainly a contemporary suite overflowing with creative character.  The subdued color combination provides the perfect balance against the oversized font for the couple’s names.

inks: sand + prussian blue + garden | font: barber | paper: 1-ply white | invite size: f8 | edge paint: prussian blue | customization #: 14461 |

This is a 3 color letterpress customization of the New Horizon wedding invitation.

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Modern Letterpress Wedding Invitations: What’s big for 2012

Our latest letterpress wedding invitation release was full of many modern gems, but today we’re sharing the top 6 modern invitations so far from 2012. We’ve noticed neon shows its pretty little head in a sophisticated way (or think about neon edge painting on a very formal invite!). Black ink on a modern letterpress design keeps things formal while still feeling new. Foil, of course, is on the list — we are especially loving double foil (think matte silver and shiny silver, or silver paired with gold). You’ll find names in oversized fonts, along with slightly untraditional text layout and minimal design. Want to see more? Check out all of our modern wedding invitations here.

What are your favorite colors, fonts, and invitation designs for a modern wedding? Tell us in the comments section below!

The top 6 modern letterpress and foil stamped designs for Bella Figura in 2012

1. New Horizon | 2. Gotham | 3. Dash | 4. Byzantine | 5. Fugue | 6. La Salle

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