Lush Letterpress Wedding Invitations

Sometimes all a letterpress invitation design needs is a little tweak to add a unique and personal touch. That was the case for the Lush design. LetterHeads changed the font and added some silver edge painting on the invitation and that’s all it took to make this design the perfect choice!

inks: sand + charcoal | fonts: parisian script + copperplate | paper: 2-ply white | printing: letterpress | edge painting in metallic silver | metallic liner: silver | invite size: F-8 | customization #: 16020 |

Letterpress creates a gorgeous textured wedding invitation

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Lovely Lush Letterpress Reception Pieces

We love how textural Jamie Lea Bertsch‘s Lush design is. The combination of pale gray and charcoal letterpress inks are the perfect color choice for these elegant and modern day of pieces.

inks: charcoal + pale gray | font: bodini | paper: 1-ply white | menu size: a6 |customization #: 15682 |

Our letterpress day of piece provide an extra personal touch to your reception.

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Bella Figura Letterpress Invitations Featured on Green Wedding Shoes

Earlier this year, we worked with Alice and Beth from Alice G. Patterson Photography on an amazing project we’re really excited to share. Featured recently on Green Wedding Shoes, this collaboration features some of our most popular letterpress invitation designs alongside some incredible miniatures. Alice and Beth set up these picturesque scenes and we were completely blown away with the end result — take a look!

An ikat fabric-based invitation designed by Kamal for Bella Figura

The Amor calligraphy design for Bella Figura

String Calligraphy, a whimsical hand calligraphed wedding invitation designed by Patricia Mumau for Bella Figura

A circus inspired invitation from Bella Figura

A modern calligraphy design by Debi Zeinert for Bella Figura

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Lush Letterpress Invitations in Light Lavender & Charcoal

Our Lush (by Jamie Lea Bertsch ) letterpress wedding invitations go from soft to stylish with this color customization submitted by Lion in the Sun in Brooklyn, NY. Letterpressed in Light Lavender and Charcoal inks on our 2-ply white paper, the design is highlighted with corner rounding and Champagne edge paint. The Reverse Simple Geometrics envelope liner in Champagne ink perfectly compliments the edge painting.

inks: light lavender + charcoal | font: billhead |  paper: white 2-ply | invite size: f8 | corner rounding | edge paint: champagne | liner: the reverse simple geometrics pattern in champagne ink

whimsical letterpress wedding invitation


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