Natural Linden Summer Letterpress Wedding Invitations

Switching up the letterpress colors on our Linden Summer design to fit a natural palette transforms this simplistic design. For a wedding at a nature center Poeme couldn’t have picked a better pairing.

inks: clover + umber | fonts: buttermilk + luster roman | paper: 1-ply ivory | size: SQ7 | corner rounding | customization #: 16877 |

Create a natural rustic letterpress wedding invitation

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Letterpress Linden Summer Invitations

We love seeing our letterpress wedding invitation designs customized into Bar Mitvah invitations and our Linden Summer design (by Lindsy Aragona) is no exception!

inks: olive + vine | fonts: luster roman + buttermilk | paper: 1-ply ivory | invite size: SQ7 for pocketfold | edge painting: vine | corner rounding | customization #: 15196 |

Our Linden Summer letterpress invitations are perfect for your Bar Mitzvah

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Customized Linden Summer Invitations for a Palm Beach Wedding!

The lovely ladies at Creative Touch in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida sent us this customization of our Linden Summer design (by Lindsy Aragona) which is fabulously fitting to a wedding celebration in the sunshine state! We love that the couple chose to replace the linden tree with a palm tree – matching back to their wedding venue at The Country Club in Mirasol.  Navy ink is used for all of the text whereas our soft sand ink is used for the palm tree.  The umbrella like palmetto leaves add a refreshing, contemporary feel to this letterpress suite.

inks: navy + sand | fonts: edwardian script + didot block | paper: 2-ply white| invitation size: SQ7 | corner rounding | liner: custom pattern in sand ink | edge paint: navy

This is a customization of Bella Figura's Linden Summer design featuring palm trees.

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Linden Summer Letterpress invitations with Autumn leaves!

A true story-book romance is reflected in this letterpress wedding invitation of Linden Summer design (by Lindsy Aragona). Completed with a metallic bronze pocketfold, this entire set has a vintage, yet whimsical feel. The invitation and additional pieces are adorned with soft Espresso ink branches and delicate Champagne ink leaves. You cannot help but fall in love.

ink: espresso + champagne | fonts: luster roman | calligraphy style: clermont by debi zeinert | paper: 1-ply ivory | invite size: a-7 | liner: the reverse european formal pattern in espresso ink | pocketfold: bronze | client coordinator: christie jones | in-house designer: lindsy aragona

This couple benefited from our 10% off promotion (10% off if you purchase 6 printed pieces) and our free CHARITY favor card promotion. See more details and the small print here!

by Lindsy Aragona, In-house Graphic Designer.

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