La Salle letterpress wedding invitations – delicate frame and bold typography

Sometimes the simplest change to an existing invitation design can make a big impact – like this horizontal customization of our vertical La Salle design.  Nicole and Robert accommodated more text than the sample without sacrificing the delicate frame and bold typography that make this design so unique.

letterpress wedding invitations by Bella Figura

letterpress inks: pewter + navy | fonts: kunsel + eros + conquerer | paper: bella cotton 1-ply white | customization #18751


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La Salle Letterpress Save the Dates in Navy + Fuchsia

Navy and Fuchsia inks pair so well with the motifs and type in this version of Ian Koenig‘s La Salle letterpress save the date.  The design is still very elegant, but the brighter colors give it some great vibrancy and a modern feel.  Thanks to Sweet Paper for sending us this order to print!

inks: navy + fuchsia | fonts: eros + conqueror | paper: 2-ply white | printing: letterpress | card size a6 | customization #: 16428

Ian Koenig's La Salle letterpress save the date design looks stunning in bright colors by Bella Figura.

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Romantic La Salle Letterpress Wedding Invitations

We’re loving the soft and romantic pairing of taupe and shell inks on this La Salle (by Ian Koenig) customization.  The font combination adds a touch of whimsy to these letterpress wedding invitations.

inks: taupe + shell | fonts: memimas + conquerer | paper: 1-ply | invite size: F8 | customization #: 16052 |

Whimsical fonts and soft pastels make the most romantic letterpress wedding invitations

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La Salle Letterpress Invites in Charcoal and Lavender

Another beautiful run of Ian Koenig‘s La Salle design we printed recently for our friends over at Urbanic Paper Boutique.  Love this design in general, and it works really well as a square (the original design‘s shown as a rectangle).  This kind of thing (going from rectangle to square) is just one of many customizations we can make to any design for no extra charge.

ink: charcoal + lavender | fonts: eros + kunsel + conquerer | paper: 1-ply white | invite size: sq7 | customization #: 15776 |

Square letterpress wedding invitations

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Celebrate Summer with La Salle Letterpress Wedding Invitations

Our new office favorite is this summery customization of our La Salle (by Ian Koenig) design. If these letterpress wedding invitations look familiar that’s because we previously featured a similar design customization. Now we can see that this whimsical design is even prettier when letterpress printed! We have Danielle from Bells & Whistles in Belmont, Massachusetts to thank for these!

inks: sea-side + light peach | fonts: conquerer + memimas | paper: 1-ply white  | invite size: f8  | liner: the refined mosaic pattern in light peach and sea-side inks |



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Flapper Fare – A Romantic customization of La Salle

We’re always searching for a little extra “Omph”. That cherry on top but never too bold. Make a subtle announcement with a metallic liner.  What a great way for your guests to open a little sparkle with your light and airy announcement.

La Salle customization = inks: celadon + sea side + peach | fonts: Eros + Memimas | paper: white | invites size: f-8 | metallic liner: opal | original design by Ian Koeing | customized by in-house designer Brit Hammett

flapper fare vintage letterpress wedding invitations

photo credits: Josh Goleman

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Modern Letterpress Wedding Invitations: What’s big for 2012

Our latest letterpress wedding invitation release was full of many modern gems, but today we’re sharing the top 6 modern invitations so far from 2012. We’ve noticed neon shows its pretty little head in a sophisticated way (or think about neon edge painting on a very formal invite!). Black ink on a modern letterpress design keeps things formal while still feeling new. Foil, of course, is on the list — we are especially loving double foil (think matte silver and shiny silver, or silver paired with gold). You’ll find names in oversized fonts, along with slightly untraditional text layout and minimal design. Want to see more? Check out all of our modern wedding invitations here.

What are your favorite colors, fonts, and invitation designs for a modern wedding? Tell us in the comments section below!

The top 6 modern letterpress and foil stamped designs for Bella Figura in 2012

1. New Horizon | 2. Gotham | 3. Dash | 4. Byzantine | 5. Fugue | 6. La Salle

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Bella Figura’s 2012 Letterpress Invitation Designs: Before and After

Our new collection of letterpress wedding invitations has arrived, and we’ve introduced 83 new invitation designs (plus metallics: foil stamping, foil edging and lots of other cool new embellishments!) for the 2012 wedding season. Since everything at Bella Figura is completely customizable, we thought we’d show you a ‘before and after’ look at some of our favorite new invitation designs to show how a change of color, fonts, and design placement can completely transform an invitation design.

First up: the La Salle invitation design by Ian Koenig. The original design is soft and romantic in camel + pewter inks, and features three fonts, but takes on a completely regal look with new inks (regalia and charcoal), corner rounding, and new fonts: Vessa + Jubilant.
Suggested embellishments:
We think this design would look gorgeous with a European formal patterned envelope liner in regalia ink and a coordinating custom postage stamp.
Details: letterpress inks: regalia + charcoal | fonts: vessa + jubilant | paper: bella cotton white 1-ply | size: f-8 | corner rounding

A before and after look at one of Bella Figura's new 2012 letterpress invitation designs, La Salle

Next up: Rustic Jolene – an earthy design with a folk-art feel – is completely transformed with a drastic (but gorgeous) change in design placement. Prussian blue and cornflower blue inks create a stunning two-tone effect, and the square size, corner rounding, and sophisticated fonts complete the look.
Suggested embellishments:
a white cotton pocketfold with a monogram letterpress printed in Prussian blue would add a nice finishing touch, along with an envelope liner in our woodstock pattern in cornflower + Prussian blue inks.
Details: letterpress inks: prussian blue + cornflower blue | fonts: daisy + moravia | paper: bella cotton white 1-ply | size: sq-7 | corner rounding

A before and after look at Bella Figura's letterpress invitation design, Rustic Jolene

Rococo Elegance, created by Beth Barr, one of our new designers for 2012, takes on a more floral feel in this elegant customization. Hand calligraphy accents and ivory paper give the design a soft, romantic feel.
Suggested embellishments:
keep it simple with a European formal patterned envelope liner in taupe ink.
Details: letterpress inks: light peach + taupe | font: botany | paper: bella cotton ivory 1-ply | size: f-8 | hand calligraphy accents: spencerian style | corner rounding

A before and after customization look at the Bella Figura letterpress invitation Rococo Elegance

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