Calendar Style Hendrix Letterpress Save the Dates

Need to make sure your guests aren’t going to forget your wedding date?  Send a save the date!  Better still – send one with a calendar on it!  Jessica Hische‘s Hendrix design is for sure one of the shop favorites around here, so naturally we love this unique interpretation of the original design.

ink: prussian blue | paper: 1-ply ivory | save the date size: a6 | client coordinator: chris gannon | in-house designer: brenda fox

letterpress calendar save the dates

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Get Inspired to Do Good with Bella Figura

As part of our “Do Good in March” promotion (where you have the chance to win a grand prize of 100 free invitations and everyone who enters gets 25 free invitation sets with the purchase of 50 or more!), we’re hoping to inspire others to get out and do good this month. Service work can mean the world to the people you help, but you’d be amazed at how good it will make you feel, too! We rounded up some of our favorite quotes to inspire you and have paired them up with some of our favorite designs — check them out!

Modern Garden


Jack and Jill
A quote by Einstein. Design based on the Jack & Jill design by Bella Figura


An inspirational quote from Anita Roddick, designed by Bella Figura, based on the Flit design

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Design Contest Winner: Subtle Elegance by Village Invites II

The Village Invites II has done it again! This Hendrix 2 (by Jessica Hische) letterpress wedding invitation takes the art of subtle beauty to a whole new level.

The color combination of Cream and Sand inks on our 1-ply ivory cotton paper really lets the unique nature of the paper shine through. The hand calligraphy accents only add to the understated elegance of the suite.

inks: cream + sand | fonts: sans capital | calligraphy: patricia mumau harrison hand | paper: ivory 1-ply cotton | invite size: a7

This design won an honorable mention in our Bella Figura design competition for the first half of 2011. This twice-a-year competition recognizes outstanding and inspired design submitted by our beloved dealers.

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Delicate Hendrix 2 letterpress invitations

This Hendrix 2 (by Jessica Hische)letterpress wedding invitation was submitted by our friends at The Village Invites II in New York, NY and we think it is absolutely stunning! The color combination of Cream and Sand inks are so subtle on our 1-ply ivory cotton paper and we think that’s what makes it unique! Showcased perfectly with hand calligraphy accents we think this is ideal for an elegant outdoor celebration!

ink: cream + sand | fonts: sans capital | calligraphy: patricia mumau harrison hand | paper: ivory 1-ply cotton | invite size: a7 |

hendrix 2 invite

by Christie Jones, Client Coordinator.

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Garden Wedding Elegance in 3 Colors

Showcasing our supremely lovely Hendrix design by Jessica Hische and printed in 3-color letterpress, these pretty and elegant letterpress invitations showcase our Mediterranean, chartreuse and pool inks on our ivory paper. Paired with a striking Mediterranean envelope liner, these invitations are perfectly inspired for a garden wedding celebration.

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