Amici Letterpress Bar Mitzvah Invitations

We tend to focus a lot on all the lovely wedding invites we create around here, but truth be told we also print a TON of Bar and Bat Mitzvah invitations (and they’re always a blast!).  We can adapt any of our invite designs into a Bar/Bat invite very easily by changing up the wording, adding Hebrew characters, or – as is the case with this Amici (from designer Ian Koenig) customization, by adding a small star of David from our motif library.  Loving the simple beauty of this one.

inks: pewter + cardinal | font: requiem | paper: 1-ply white | invite size: sq-7 | edge painting: cardinal | client coordinator: chris gannon | in-house designer: sarah walroth
modern letterpress bar mitzvah invitations

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Exquisite Surya Letterpress Bar Mitzvah Invitations

This creative Bar Mitzvah invitation was sent to us by our friends over at Lion in the Sun in Brooklyn, New York.  This exquisite set is a wonderful customization for our Surya design (by Tara Hogan).  The choice of our spring green ink and an eye catching custom blue (these colors compliment each other perfectly!) really bring everything together.  Staying true to the overall modern vibe this suite emanates, the client opted for a reply postcard rather than the traditional reply card.  All in all this is one invitation set that really captures the feel of the party to come!

inks: spring green & custom #633| fonts: burgues script + impression | paper: 1-ply white | invite size: SQ-7 | liner: the antique geometrics pattern in custom #633

colorful letterpress bar mitzvah invitation

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Ultramodern Letterpressed Bar Mitzvah Invitations

We think you’ll definitely agree that these vibrant and lively letterpressed Tara (by Ben Whitla) Bar Mitzvah invitations really get you in the mood for a celebration! These trendy invitations set the tone for the important Jewish milestone. The stand-out color combination of spring green and aquamarine inks is carried through onto all of the pieces. The modern vibe is continued through with adorable letterpressed thank you cards. It’s safe to say the celebration will not be short lived with a festive party to follow!

inks: spring green + aquamarine| fonts: moravia + billhead | paper: 1-ply white | invite size: a7 | client coordinator: jessica hanaman | in-house designer: kyle laatsch

vintage typography bar mitzvah letterpress invitations


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B is for Bar Mitzvah letterpress invitations!

A Bar Mitzvah is a great time to celebrate and what’s not to love about this Champagne (by Elizabeth and David Mandel)  letterpress invitation customization? Letterpressed in navy ink on our 1-ply white paper the design is perfectly complimented with a 2 letter monogram. The reply postcard is a great addition to this set. The envelope liner in reverse antique geometrics pattern ties in both the navy ink and echoes the graphic used throughout the pieces.

ink: navy  | fonts: futura + copperplate  | paper: 1-ply white | invite size: a6  | liner: the reverse antique geometrics pattern in navy ink | client coordinator: christie jones  | in-house designer: kyle laatsch

modern letterpress bar mitzvah invitations

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Super Cool Harper for a Super Cool Bar Mitzvah

Printed in cool taupe and yarrow inks, we love this customization of our Harper letterpress invitations. Created for a super cool bar mitzvah, the set features Hebrew text and fun flat panel letterpress thank you notes.

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Balsam Calligraphy Bar Mitzvah Save the Dates

It’s not every day that we get to print cool letterpress save the dates for a bar mitzvah, so we love these Balsam Calligraphy save the dates that we printed for Joel’s upcoming winter bar mitzvah celebration. This design showcases the gorgeous hand calligraphy of Patricia Mumau of Primele, letterpress printed in classic black ink.

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Irving Letterpress Wedding Invitations with Hebrew Text

These letterpress wedding invitations are a beautiful customization of our Irving design printed in black and pewter inks. Complete with a custom monogram featuring the first initials of the bride and groom, as well as Hebrew text, this set is beautifully personalized for this upcoming winter wedding.

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Birch Letterpress Invitations with Hebrew Text

We printed this customization of our Birch letterpress wedding invitation design for an upcoming fall wedding. The couple included Hebrew text on their letterpress wedding invitations, printed in mesa and pewter inks, with coordinating event cards and letterpress thank you notes. They chose silver metallic envelope liners and also included matching letterpress escort cards to carry the theme throughout their celebration.

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Erra Letterpress Bat Mitzvah Invitations

This pretty customization is a letterpress Bat Mitzvah invitation suite, printed for a springtime celebration. The set features our floral Erra design, printed in fuchsia and pumpkin inks on our soft 1-ply cotton paper. We just love this combination of bright, fun colors – and the fuchsia envelope liner adds the perfect finishing touch.

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Sylvan Letterpress Invitations with Hebrew Text

Printed in an elegant combination of pewter and cream inks, this letterpress wedding invitation is our Sylvan design. This customization was personalized so that the design has a horizontal orientation and features Hebrew text to make it especially appropriate for this couple’s wedding.  We love the sophisticated neutral color palette and the simple typography on this design – it allows the beauty of letterpress to shine through while making an incredible first impression upon guests.

Sylvan Letterpress Invitation

Sylvan Letterpress Invitation

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