Letterpress wedding invitations with folk inspired envelope liner

The folksy sweetness of our Juniper envelope liner pattern transitions from season to season depending on the (up to) 4 ink colors you chose. Here the summertime inspiration of Garden, Sherbet, Papaya and Cream inks compliment our Handdrawn wedding invitation sent by Aileen and Sam for their summer celebration in Italy.

Letterpress wedding invitations | Bella Figura

letterpress inks: pewter + papaya | paper: bella cotton 2-ply white | foil edging: copper shine | envelope: bella cotton white | envelope liner: juniper pattern in garden + sherbet + papaya + cream | customization #17449

Peppy and Bright Handdrawn Bat Mitzvah invitations

Our Handdrawn invitation design gets a peppy and bright makeover for Riva’s Bat Mitzvah, complete with cheerful letterpress inks and a fun, festive envelope liner.


Peppy and Bright Handdrawn Bat Mitzvah invitations | Bella Figura


letterpress inks: surf + hot pink | paper: bella cotton 1-ply white | envelope: bella cotton white | envelope liner: modern light pattern in fuchsia + surf | customization #: 20303 | Everything But the Stamp

Slick and Snazzy Handdrawn Style Letterpress Invitations

Color’s such a funny and subjective thing, but when something works it just works. This version of Erin Jang‘s Handrawn design looks incredible in the ink colors that the couple choose for them – and that aquamarine edge painting just sets things off so perfectly.  Did you notice the cute little food icons on the reply card?  We get requests for these a LOT. These kinds of icons are available on any of our designs, but these particular ones from our motif library just coordinate really well with the overall vibe of this letterpress wedding invitation set.

inks: pewter + geranium | paper: 2-ply white | invitation size: f8 | liner: modern herringbone in geranium | edge paint: aquamarine | client coordinator: chris gannon

This is a modern customization of Bella Figura's Handdrawn design letterpress printed in pewter and geranium inks.

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Get With the Program! Handdrawn Letterpress Program Panels

What kind of wedding features the Pixies’ Here Comes Your Man during the groom’s trip down the aisle?  A completely rad one, naturally.  Simple and sweet, these no. 10 or ‘tea length’ program panels are printed in Erin Jang‘s popular Handdrawn design.

inks: mediterranean + pewter | paper: 1-ply white | size: no. 10 | client coordinator: chris gannon | in-house designer: racheal decker

modern and sleek letterpress wedding programs


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Bella Figura Letterpress Invitations Featured on Green Wedding Shoes

Earlier this year, we worked with Alice and Beth from Alice G. Patterson Photography on an amazing project we’re really excited to share. Featured recently on Green Wedding Shoes, this collaboration features some of our most popular letterpress invitation designs alongside some incredible miniatures. Alice and Beth set up these picturesque scenes and we were completely blown away with the end result — take a look!

An ikat fabric-based invitation designed by Kamal for Bella Figura

The Amor calligraphy design for Bella Figura

String Calligraphy, a whimsical hand calligraphed wedding invitation designed by Patricia Mumau for Bella Figura

A circus inspired invitation from Bella Figura

A modern calligraphy design by Debi Zeinert for Bella Figura

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Handdrawn letterpress wedding invitation for the modern minimalist

We are completely infatuated with these Handdrawn (by Erin Jang) letterpress invitations that our friends at Judy Paulen Designs in New York, NY submitted to us for printing.  We adore the overall ultramodern feel.  The reply card features multiple events options that are showcased on the weekend events card. Looks like the party will stretch on for days!

ink: pewter + aubergine|fonts: hannah| paper: 1-ply white cotton | invite size: f8  | liner: reverse simple geometrics pattern in aubergine ink |

by Jessica Hanaman, Client Coordinator.

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