Whimsical Waves – Camilla Letterpress Inspiration

The whimsical waves of our Camilla design set the tone for a quintessential summer beach wedding with seersucker details and nautical-inspired décor. It make us want to sink our toes in the sand for that perfect ocean side “I do”!

camilla customization = inks: seamist + marigold + prussian blue | fonts: ebbinghaus + streamline | paper: white | invite size: SQ-7 | liner: elegant ombre in seamist + marigold | original design by Jamie Lee Bertsch | customized by in-house designer Racheal Decker |

embellishment suggestions: pocketfold in golden seal

This is a Bella Figura designer customization of our Camilla design. It features nautical inspiration and a sea inspired color palette.

(photo credits: pro image weddings)

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Bella Figura Design Contest Honoree – Coastal Camilla by Gus & Ruby Letterpress

We can’t tell you how much we love working with Gus and Ruby Letterpress in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. It’s just too much!  We were just tickled when they submitted this order pairing our new sea-side ink with our Camilla design by Jamie Lea Bertsh. Samantha from Gus and Ruby let us in on the vision behind this unique customization:

“Rachel & David wanted a design that showcased their love of the Maine coast (their wedding location) without being absolutely literal or obvious.  The outline of the Maine coast mixed with the funky graphic “wave” pattern representing the ocean set the tone perfectly! The oceanic blue/green ink really spoke to this couple and their coastal venue while the whimsical calligraphy and abstract pattern added a level of fun and playfulness to the whole piece.”

This nautical customization of our Camilla design was a 2012 Bella Figura design contest honoree

The A5 sized reply and reception cards alternate layouts so that each card looks fresh and unique. We particularly like how the extra touch of hand calligraphy on the reception card makes the reception location stand out. We love the nautical details in this suite and the creativity that inspired this gorgeous outcome. Congrats, ladies!

ink: sea-side | font: moravia | calligraphy: Sloan hand calligraphy, by Kelle McCarter | paper: 1-ply white  | invite size: f8  |

This design won an honorable mention in our Bella Figura design competition for 2012. This annual competition recognizes outstanding and inspired designs submitted to us by our beloved dealers.

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