Letterpress Avant Invitation Booklets With Tear-out RSVP Postcards

In a really cool twist (literally!) on Ben Whitla‘s original Avant design, this letterpress invitation booklet includes a cover page, an invite page, and an RSVP page that have all been grommeted together into a tidy little package.  The grommet allows the individual pages to swivel open and close and a perforated tear-out RSVP postcard on the last page lets guests reply without having to worry about envelopes.  Great stuff!

inks: chartreuse + charcoal | font: geometric | paper: 1-ply white | invite size: a7 | client coordinator: chris gannon | in-house designer: sarah walroth
modern and slick letterpress invitation booklets

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Modern Minimalist Avant Customization

Clean lines and strong colors all build up this modern minimalist design at its posh best. We love Avant because of it’s simple classic style that has a wonderful urban tone about it. These wedding invitations let our letterpress printing style stand above the rest.

avant customization = inks: black + chartreuse | font: geometric + cabernet | paper: white | invite size: f-8 | liner: the antique geometrics pattern in black ink | original design by Ben Whitla | customized by in-house designer Racheal Decker

embellishment suggestions: edge painting in sea mist

minimalistic letterpress wedding invitations

(Photo Credits: Yueko Image)

by Racheal Decker, In-House Designer.

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