L is for the way you look at these L…etterpress wedding invitations!

We L.O.V.E. these spectacular letterpress wedding invitations that our pals at Gus & Ruby Letterpress in Portsmouth, New Hampshire submitted to us to print. As a play on our Anthology design (by Lindsy Aragona) a custom LOVE design was submitted and is repeated throughout this set letting us know what the couple is really all about! Letterpress printed in amethyst and chartreuse inks on our 1-ply ivory paper the invitation makes a statement in our no. 10 size! The mixture of contemporary typography mixed with letterpress is the perfect marriage for these modern invitations.

inks: amethyst + chartreuse  | fonts: impression + sans capital  | paper: 1-ply ivory | invite size: no. 10 |

love letterpress wedding invitations

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Anthology Letterpress Wedding Invitations

These letterpress wedding invitations feature a customization of our Anthology design in rich, fall colors. They were letterpress printed in espresso and antique gold inks with corner rounding, showcased in an espresso pocketfold. A bright cardinal envelope liner is a pretty coordinating touch for these beautiful fall wedding invitations.

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Anthology Custom Letterpress Wedding Invitations

In bright happy colors perfect for spring and summer, this customization features our Anthology design from our 2010 collection printed in fuchsia and persimmon inks. The luxurious 2-ply cotton paper shows off the pop of color from the fuchsia edge painting, which is perfectly coordinated with a persimmon envelope liner. We love this suite – it’s vibrant and festive and the perfect fit for this couple’s upcoming Las Vegas wedding.

Anthology Letterpress Wedding Invitations

Anthology Letterpress Wedding Invitations

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