How to make bold color work for your wedding invitations

Bright inks that pop and neon that glows are going to be huge this year! These fun and funky colors add a lively feel to any of our letterpress wedding invitations and are sure to spark excitement about your big day to all your guests. But figuring out how to incorporate these intense colors into your own invitations can be challenging. So we’ve come up with some helpful tips to bring in bright colors!

Want to go all out with big, bright color in your invitations? You’ve got lot’s of amazing options to consider, but some of our favorite letterpress ink combinations that make a statement are: Cornflower and Watermelon inks for a sweet and summery look (like our Modern Fete design); ocean inspired Garden and Aquamarine inks; Jade and Sea-side inks for a destination wedding or Hot Pink and Day-glo inks (like Storybook Romance) that scream chic and contemporary. Pair the color in your invitations with an equally bold patterned or metallic envelope liner. You can use the same colors from your invitations to keep things consistent or spice it up with a complementary color to brighten things up even more. Then top it all off with some edge painting. Again, you can use one of the colors from your set or really up the contrast with a bright new color for an extra eye-catching look!

If neon and bright colors make you a little nervous, and you’re hesitant to put them on your actual invitations, consider adding some vibrant edge painting or foil edging to add a splash of color to an otherwise neutral palette. Adding a colorful edge is a great way to incorporate a bold color you love in moderation. If you’re feeling a little more daring, bring in the brights to your envelope liners. You can add some flare to an otherwise traditional invitation by choosing a graphic pattern in a bright color to really let your personality shine!

No matter what amount you use, adding bright, beautiful colors to your letterpress wedding invitations will surely make a lasting impression!


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Choosing the best calligraphy style for your letterpress wedding invitations

Hand calligraphy is a gorgeous way to add a unique, personal touch to your letterpress wedding invitations. Whether you’re adding a line of calligraphy accents to emphasize names or a venue, or creating the entire invitation with hand-crafted calligraphy, it’s a completely sophisticated way to set your invitations apart from the rest. We offer over 15 hand calligraphy styles from our 6 master calligraphers, and styles range from traditional and formal to modern and laid-back. If you plan to pair hand calligraphy with a font for your invitations, it’s best to find styles that complement one another. Here are our favorite pairings for calligraphy styles and fonts based on 4 popular wedding styles.

A formal wedding invitation works best when an all caps font like Impression is paired with an elegant hand calligraphy style like Spencerian. The combination of this regal font with the flourished Spencerian calligraphy style immediately creates a classic and beautiful invitation.

Bella Figura's recommendations for how to pick the perfect calligraphy style for your wedding invitations
You can create the perfect vintage invitation by simply using a romantic calligraphy style like Victoria. Pull inspiration from love letters written in the 19th century and your invitations will certainly take on an old world feel. If you’re looking to pair Victoria calligraphy with a font, we think it looks beautiful with Utrecht (like in the Delambre Classic design).

Bella Figura's recommendations for how to pick the perfect calligraphy style for your wedding invitations

Modern, fun and quirky, this customization comes to life with vibrant hues and the Mitty calligraphy style. If your event is a bit informal and playful, look for a calligraphy style that reflects just that. Pair the Mitty hand with Jubilant for a modern look if you only want to use a few lines of hand calligraphy (see our Modern World design for an example!)

Bella Figura's recommendations for how to pick the perfect calligraphy style for your wedding invitations

This beach inspired customization is perfect for a destination wedding! We paired a light, airy font called Henry with the Harrison calligraphy style, which in itself captures the feeling of the ocean.

Bella Figura's recommendations for how to pick the perfect calligraphy style for your wedding invitations

We love the look of letterpressed hand calligraphy on a wedding invitation, and a perfect finishing touch is hand calligraphed envelopes. For a completely coordinated set, you can work directly with any of our master calligraphers for envelope addressing!

Photos from Style Me Pretty

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How to choose envelope liners for your letterpress wedding invitations

Bella Figura offer two kinds of envelope liners for your letterpress wedding invitation suite: metallic liners and patterned liners. Adding our eco-friendly envelope liners to your set will bring color and sophistication to your letterpress wedding invitations. Choose from 8 shimmering metallic envelope liner options (all of our metallic liners are FSC-certified!) to add some glitz and glam, or go the custom route. Our patterned envelope liners are completely customizable, so you can mix and match any of our patterns and inks to complement your invitation set, making them truly one of a kind!

With all of our amazing options, it can be challenging to choose the perfect liner that is right for your set. So to help, we’ve narrowed down some of our favorite liner and color combinations that work well with lots of our letterpress wedding invitations!

Thinking Vintage? Consider our Rustic Crosshatch, European Formal or Jaquard Elegance patterns. Other patterns we like for a vintage invitation set: Elegant Ombre, Vintage River, Vintage Stripes or Simple Lace in ink colors like Shell, Amethyst, Hazel or Olive.

Thinking Formal? Our Formal Flourish, Traditional Oxford and Simple Chess patterns work beautifully for a fancy invitation set. Other patterns we love for a formal set: Refined Mosaic, Modern Floral, Vintage Diamond or Classic Color in ink colors like Camel, Lavender, Pool or Espresso.

Thinking Modern? Bold, funky patterns like our Antique Geometrics, Chic Combs or Classic Chevron patterns add flair to modern invitation sets. We love these patterns for a modern invitation set, too: Modern Herringbone, Sea Stripes, Modern Light or Simple Geometrics in ink colors like Cherry, Fuchsia, Chartreuse or Black.

Thinking Unique? Make sure your invitations make a statement with a liner pattern like Modern Canopy, Rustic Woodstock or Sante Fe, and print your liners in three colors. Other patterns we like are: Retro Marble, Chic Combs, Moroccan Charm or Sweet Polka in ink colors like Yolk, Watermelon, Mustard or Jade.

Thinking Destination? The Moroccan Charm, Sea Stripes or Elegant Chainlink patterned envelope liners make a lovely accent to a destination wedding invitations. Other liner patterns we love for a destination wedding set: Elegant Ombre, Refined Mosaic, Modern Light or Natural Woodgrain in ink colors like Champagne, Garden, Surf or Mediterranean.

Still not seeing something you love? We can create a custom pattern for you based on the elements from your wedding invitation design, or we can create something totally from scratch too! *(There is an additional design charge for this service)

Once you place an order with us, you will also get a free design consultation, where you’ll have a chance to talk to one of our designers about all of your invitation choices. So if you’re not sure what patterns and ink colors to pair up for your invitation design, don’t worry! (And if you need help now, just ask!)

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How to pick the perfect fonts for your wedding invitations

Fonts play a significant role in the overall look of your letterpress wedding invitations. They add personality and style and really reflect the mood of your event! Because choosing the perfect font for your wedding is so important, we know it can sometimes feel overwhelming with all the amazing options we offer, but here are some helpful tips to guide you in choosing the perfect font to match your style.

If you like the Modern look: We suggest fonts that have sleek, clean lines. Nothing too fussy or fancy. Simplicity is always key. Scale these chic fonts up in size to make a bold, graphic and attention grabbing statement!

modern wedding font inspiration

If you like the Vintage look: We suggest fonts that have a wise and worldly appeal. Slightly quirky and full of character to convey days of old.  To achieve the perfect vintage vibe, we love to combine several fonts together to create an eclectic look that will last for ages. Elegant script fonts paired with traditional Serif styles tend to tug at our heartstrings the most!

vintage wedding font inspiration

If you like the Formal look: We suggest elegant and traditional fonts that will never go out of style. Think Script fonts with big swash capitals reminiscent of the finest hand calligraphy or formal Serifs with straight lines and regal form. We love to pair them together to create a sophisticated style that will surely charm all of your guests!

formal wedding font inspiration

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How to pick the perfect monogram

Adding a monogram to your letterpress wedding invitation suite is a stylish and sophisticated way to personalize your paper goods. We offer a variety of options for 1, 2 and 3 letter monograms, and you can add a monogram to any of our 300+ invitation designs for no additional charge! Monograms can be created from any of our fonts for free, but if you’re looking for a custom, hand-calligraphed monogram, those are also available (additional charges do apply). Today we’re sharing some inspiration for monograms that will go perfectly with a destination, formal, modern or vintage wedding invitation set — use these ideas to help pick the perfect monogram for your own letterpress wedding stationery!

This destination invitation not only uses sea-inspired colors, but a monogram created from the indigo font paired with star motifs. Both the font and stars of the monogram reflect the tailored look of a sailor’s uniform – making it a perfect addition to this nautical inspired invitation. If you’re having a destination wedding, consider incorporating a symbolic motif into the monogram.

Bella Figura offers tips for how to pick the perfect monogram for your destination letterpress wedding invitations

Formal invitations tend to work best when an ornate, yet elegant monogram is added, so keep this in mind if you’re having a traditional wedding. Monogram 1o takes on the appearance of a royal seal and gives this invitation a completely dignified look.

Bella Figura offers tips for how to pick the perfect monogram for your letterpress wedding invitations

Bright colors and quirky, over-sized, hand drawn fonts can really modernize an invitation. We used monogram 2j on this wedding invitation for a fun, playful look that represents the bride and groom’s connection. If you’re having a modern wedding, consider a monogram that reflects the personalities of the bride and groom.

Bella Figura offers tips for how to pick the perfect monogram for your letterpress wedding invitations

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Letterpress on a budget! 15 Invitations under $1,500!

Are you looking for affordable letterpress wedding invitations? Look no further – our invitation designs can be customized to fit within a budget. Not sure where to start? We selected 15 of our new 2012 letterpress invitation designs and provided pricing for 3 popular quantity tiers. Find out which price point will work for you depending on how many invitations you’ll need. Keep in mind, 75 invitations traditionally leads to 150 guests, 125=250 guests, and so on!

Pricing ideas from Bella Figura for an order of 75 letterpress invitations for under $1500

In love with Vintage Charm? Why not order invitations that are 1 color letterpress printed on 1-ply paper with edge painting in one of your favorite ink colors? You can include reply postcards that are 1 color letterpress on 1-ply paper with outer envelopes (letterpress printed with your return address in 1 color and lined) for $1,335.

If your wedding won’t be complete without the La Salle design, you can order invitations and reply cards both in 1 color letterpress on 1-ply paper, along with 1 color printed outer envelopes  and reply envelopes for only $1,045.

Our Gotham design is modern and refined. You can keep the invitation looking sleek by letterpress printing it in 2 colors on our 1-ply paper but make the rest of the set 1 color: choose a 1 color, 1-ply reply card, outer envelopes and reply envelopes (both printed in 1 color letterpress) for a total of $1,180.

If you are looking to mix letterpress and foil stamping but you are on a budget, try this option! Order our Amadore Antique invitations with 1 color letterpress and 1 color foil on 1-ply paper, and then add foil edging! It gets better – a website card that can direct your guests to rsvp via email or your wedding website printed in 1 color foil, on 1-ply cotton paper will eliminate the need for a reply envelope (and extra postage!), so you’ll only need outer envelopes with 1 color letterpress printing. This set rings in at just $1,310.

Are calligraphy wedding invitations one of your “must-haves”? Pick one of our newest calligrapher’s Mitty Calligraphy design! Order invitations in 1 color letterpress, on our luxuriously thick 2-ply paper. Choose an A6 sized direction card that includes wedding details and a website for an electronic rsvp that is 1 color letterpress and opt for 1-ply paper. Lastly, choose outer envelopes that are both letterpress printed in 1 color and embellished with a chic envelope liner for only $1,435.

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Sweet Kisses Hailey Modern Letterpress Inspiration

Candy hearts, flowers, sweet love notes – this can only mean one thing – Valentine’s Day is coming up quick! Get inspired and share some love with this simple, sweet customization of our Hailey Modern letterpress design.

hailey modern customization = inks: powder blue + lavender | fonts: henry + madaline | paper: white | invite size: f-8 | liner: modern herringbone in lavender | original design by sarah walroth | customized by in-house designer racheal decker

embellishment suggestions: edge paint in british rose

Hailey Modern Valentine's Day Customization

(Photo Credits: Love Joy Faith)

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Flapper Fare – A Romantic customization of La Salle

We’re always searching for a little extra “Omph”. That cherry on top but never too bold. Make a subtle announcement with a metallic liner.  What a great way for your guests to open a little sparkle with your light and airy announcement.

La Salle customization = inks: celadon + sea side + peach | fonts: Eros + Memimas | paper: white | invites size: f-8 | metallic liner: opal | original design by Ian Koeing | customized by in-house designer Brit Hammett

flapper fare vintage letterpress wedding invitations

photo credits: Josh Goleman

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And we all shine on! A radiant customization of our Soleil letterpress wedding invitation.

Earth tones, metallics and foil accents can bring warmth to any wedding invitation, even amongst the cold winter months! With a little inspiration from a setting sun, a glistening metallic liner in gold dust and sparkly foil edging in copper makes this Soleil customization absolutely breathtaking!

Soleil customization = inks: hazel + persimmon | fonts: cooper + sunshine | paper: ivory | invite size: f-8 | metallic liner: gold dust | foil edging: copper | original design by Beth Ann Seal | customized by in-house designer Lindsy Aragona

(Photo Credits: Allyson Magda)

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Bella Figura’s 2012 Letterpress Invitation Designs: Before and After, Part 2

Last week we showed you a look at some of our new 2012 letterpress invitation designs before and after they were customized, and this week we’re back with more design transformations! We’ve redone 5 of our favorite new modern invitation designs to show you just how much different an invitation can look with a color change, new fonts, and some design adjustments.

Neo Luna by Ian Koenig is charming and simple in the original design, but takes on a bolder look with a font change, added color and silver shine foil stamping.
Suggested embellishments:
We think this design would look stunning with surf edge painting and a colorful envelope liner in the sea stripes pattern, printed in surf, marigold and mesa inks.
Details: letterpress ink: surf | foil stamping: silver shine | fonts: ollie + swiss | paper: bella cotton white 2-ply | size: f-8 | rounded corners

A before & after look at one of Bella Figura's 2012 designs, Neo Luna

The Drawing Room design by in-house designer Sarah Walroth features fresh new fonts and a custom pocket-fold, but takes on a more whimsical look after a bit of customizing. We love this design as a square invitation with corner rounding, along with a playful font and fuchsia ink for the names.
Suggested embellishments: A white cotton pocketfold, letterpress printed with prussian blue ink and a blue pearl metallic envelope liner would add the perfect amount of shine to this pretty invitation set.
Details: letterpress inks: fuchsia + prussian blue | fonts: saint-andrew + lady rene | paper: bella cotton white 2-ply | size: sq-7 for pocketfold | pocketfold: white,  letterpressed in prussian blue ink

A before & after look at Drawing Room, one of Sarah Walroth's new designs for Bella Figura for 2012

Ellie Snow designed the Classic Chevron invitation, which features on-trend chevron patterning, two lines of Belle hand calligraphy, and pretty sea-side and jade letterpress inks. The switch of jade ink to mustard and the repositioning of the chevron pattern gives this design customization a retro feel with a modern twist.
Suggested embellishments: A pretty custom postage stamp along with a custom envelope liner featuring the sweet polka pattern in mustard + sea-side inks would be lovely accents for this wedding invitation.
Details: letterpress inks: mustard + sea-side | fonts: sans capitals + hollow | paper: bella cotton white 2-ply | size: f-8 A before and after look at Classic Chevron, one of Bella Figura's new designs for 2012

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