Save 10% – 6 ways to save with 6 printed pieces

If you are looking for ways to make the most of your stationery budget without having to sacrifice the style and beauty of letterpress, consider our 6+ printed pieces discount. When you order 6 or more letterpress printed or foil stamped pieces, you’ll receive 10% off your entire order. Mix and match to create the stationery package that best suits your needs – and if you need help, let us know.  We are happy to help with creative ways to keep your budget in check while still making all your stationery dreams come true. Here are 6 ways to save with 6 printed pieces:

Save the dates and invitations

If save the dates and invitations are the most important components of your stationery trousseau, you can easily take advantage of the 6+ printed piece promotion and still wow your guests with stunning stationery and stylish design.  Not all weddings call for programs and menus, so don’t feel like you have to have them if they aren’t part of your stationery must-haves.  These pieces will set the tone for your wedding and give your guests a preview of the celebration to come.

save the date | save the date envelope | invitation | invitation envelope | reply card | reply card envelope

Traditional, formal invitation set

If you are hosting a very traditional, very formal wedding and want your stationery to reflect that, consider this combination of the most necessary pieces.  Along with your invitation and printed outer envelope, a reply card and reply envelope are the most formal way to request a response from your guests.  Keep your reception details separate from the invitation by including it on its own card (you’ll note whether or not there is a dress code on this card, as it’s most formal not to include that on your invitation).  A direction card will help guests make their way to your ceremony and celebration.

invitation | invitation envelope | reply card | reply card envelope | reception card  | direction card

Day-of pieces

To carry your wedding stationery style on the through the big day, be sure guests have a ceremony program detailing the who’s who of your wedding party and a rundown of the ceremony.  At the reception, direct them to their seats with stylish place cards and get their mouths watering with menus detailing what is to come. Give them something fun (and functional) to take home with letterpress or foil stamped coasters. And don’t forget you’ll need to thank everyone for joining you on your special day.  What better way than with coordinating thank you cards and envelopes?


program | place card | menu | coaster  | thank you card | thank you card envelope

Invitations, ceremony and beyond

If you’ve fallen in love with letterpress printing and want to get the most for your money, this combination will stretch your stationery style from the pre-wedding invitations all the way to the post-wedding thank yous.  In addition to your invitations and printed envelopes, opt for a reply postcard (less formal but still effective).  Include a program so your guests can follow along during your ceremony, and have coordinating thank you cards and envelopes to send out thanking them for their presence (and presents) on your big day.

invitation | invitation envelope | reply postcard | program | thank you card | thank you card envelope


Destination invitation set

Destination weddings often call for additional details to be included in the invitation package – your guests will need to know how to get there, where to stay and where to play, and they’ll be looking to you to help them prepare.  Our pocketfolds are the perfect enclosure to keep all of these details organized for your guests – and they provide another place to showcase your wedding style.  Letterpress print on them – foil stamp on them – or do both!  Include a card (double sided if necessary) that gives all of the wedding details – like hotel accommodations, directions to the venue and rehearsal dinner and brunch locations. The pocket allows you to include additional cards if necessary, like maps to local hotspots or menus from the best places to grab a bite. If your destination wedding is an intimate affair with just the closest of family and friends, ask them to reply via your wedding website or email address to eliminate the need for the reply envelope.


pocketfold  | invitation | invitation envelope | accommodations card | directions card | brunch card |  reply card

Here’s the fine print: all pieces need to be printed at the same time, and pieces that are already discounted (like free favor cards) don’t count toward the 6 pieces.

Let Bella Figura Print Your Favor Cards (For Free!)

Since introducing our Free Favor Card promotion we’ve seen an inspiring amount of large-hearted giving. From cancer research to wildlife trusts, our clients are taking the opportunity to raise awareness for the organizations and causes that have touched their lives.  We’ll design and print favor cards for you to use in lieu of traditional favors at your special event – whether it be your wedding, your bridal shower, your Mitzvah celebration or your milestone birthday extravaganza.

It makes our hearts happy to see all of the worthy causes being supported by our amazing clients, and we couldn’t be more proud that we get to play a part in their generosity. Take a look at the ways our clients are using this promotion to spread the word about nonprofits in need:

Carry the design from your other stationery pieces over to your favor cards for a cohesive and stylish look.  They can be fun and festive or simple and sophisticated depending on the rest of the decor at your event.

 Bella Figura Favor Cards

If the no-frills look is more your style, skip the design and just go for a type-based favor card.

 Bella Figura Favor Cards

There is no rule that says your favor card can’t double as a seating card – so go ahead and leave room for your guest’s names.  You can even add a line directing them to their table.

 Bella Figura Favor Cards

Favor cards can honor individuals, too. Go ahead and include the name of the person that is the very reason you support your cause so passionately.

 Bella Figura Favor Cards

We are animal lovers around here, so we couldn’t resist giving some extra attention to these favor cards supporting our four-legged friends.

 Bella Figura Favor Cards

You can be a part of this charitable trend with a minimum printing order of $500 and a donation to a non-profit organization that you feel passionate about.  Read more about this and other promotions here.

Save the Dates for every budget

Save the dates are a helpful resource for your guests and a great way to set the tone for your upcoming wedding. With 325+ designs (and counting!) we have something for everyone – and if you don’t see something that is perfect for your wedding, we can work with you until you’ve found it. With hundreds of designs and limitless combinations of ink colors and embellishments, we thought it might be helpful to show some ideas and options fit for any budget – from conservative to wildly extravagant.

We can’t get enough of the dazzle and flash of foil stamping – but truth be told, the look and feel of letterpress printing on our luxurious cotton paper is hands down our favorite. Just one color – dark or light, pale or bright – can be perfect for your save the dates. In addition to being more budget friendly than multiple ink colors and foil stamping, choosing one letterpress ink gives you a bit more flexibility if you haven’t settled on a color palette for the wedding.

Hayden | Nassau | Roosevelt | Duncan 

To further personalize your save the dates and make them truly unique to you, consider adding hand calligraphy from one of our insanely talented calligraphers. We have lots of styles available from the traditional to the whimsical to every style in between. Contact them to address your envelopes in the coordinating calligraphy style for the ultimate presentation.

Rustic Thicket | Good Show | Simple Charms | Laurent  

With over 60 letterpress inks and nearly 20 metallic foil colors, the options to customize your save the dates in your wedding colors are virtually endless. Print in two letterpress colors, two foil colors, or opt for one of each – our letterpress inks and foil colors pair perfectly together.

Clarus | Parker | Serendipity | Viceroy

Love letterpress printing and/or foil stamping but having trouble working it into your budget? Try downsizing your save the date to our petite A5 size (the size of a standard reply card). What it lacks in size it more than makes up for in sheer sweetness. There are no rules when it comes to save the dates, so don’t let the smaller size fool you – these can be just as formal and just as traditional as their larger counterparts.

Capri | Tisbury

For the ultimate splurge in save the dates, you can’t go wrong with foil stamping, letterpress printing and diecut shapes. Combining two or more of our printing options and embellishments will wow your guests and set the tone for your ultra modern or over the top, glamorous wedding.

Seraphina | Urbanic | Faunus 

Bella Figura’s Wedding Stationery Timeline

Congratulations – you’re planning a wedding! Wondering when you need to order your save the dates, wedding invitations, and other stationery goods for the big day? We’ve pulled together the most important information to create a wedding stationery timeline to guide you. We’re covering all the basics like when to send your save the dates and how long you should wait before sending out your thank you notes (spoiler alert: don’t wait!). This is a really exciting time in your life, and we want you to be prepared to enjoy the entire process of working with us. We’ll offer etiquette suggestions, customization ideas, and we can even help you choose your dream invitations.

A wedding stationery timeline from Bella Figura shows when to order your wedding invitations, save the dates, and more

Still have some questions? Please feel free to contact us – we would love to chat!

Inspired by Boardwalk: Vintage, Modern, and Formal Customization Ideas

In case you haven’t heard, our January design of the month is Boardwalk, so from now through the end of the month, you can save 10% on everything in the Boardwalk suite! Not sure if the Boardwalk design is right for you? Think again! Our design team put together a few customizations to get you inspired and show different ways this design can work for you. Everything about this design is completely customizable — change the fonts, ink colors, orientation — you name it!

Our first Boardwalk customization takes on a vintage look with olive and fern inks, and incorporates the chevron pattern from the original design all over the invitation.

This customization of our Boardwalk design uses a vintage color combo of olive, fern and mustard inks

Need something more modern for your big day? This festive #10 customization features vibrant jewel tones, modern fonts and a calligraphy monogram for a more modern celebration.

A modern take on our Boardwalk design, with fresh modern colors and a cool #10 size.

Planning a classic wedding with traditional touches? This simplified approach to Boardwalk uses more formal fonts and a slightly different take on the original frame for a more sophisticated look.

A formal, more traditional take on our Boardwalk design

Still not sure how to make this design work for you? Take a look at the entire Boardwalk suite and be inspired by the other pieces (like the menu, social notes, and more) for your own special occasion!

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Do the World a Favor, and We’ll do you one back – Free Letterpress Favor Cards

Not to toot our own horn, but this little free favor card promotion of ours has been phenomenally successfully – more so than we could have dreamt!  Some of the letterpress favor cards we printed even wound up on the Today Show!  To see so many generous people helping out worthwhile non-profit organizations instead of giving out little bags of Jordan almonds at their wedding (not that we have anything against those delicious treats) is just amazing to see.  It’s so inspiring to see such genuine goodness in people!  But of course, we never had any doubts that our clients are just those kind of thoughtful, big-hearted people to make a promotion like this a wild success.

Admittedly though, with there being such a rich abundance of amazing charities to consider, it can be little tough to decide just which one you would like to donate to in your guest’s honor.  To get your generosity muscles flexing though, here’s a tiny sampling of just a couple of the organizations we’ve printed cards for so far: The American Cancer Society, The World Wildlife Fund, Kiva, Faith in Place, The Human Rights Campaign, PETA, Donors Choose, Tiyatien Health, The St. Judes Childrens Hospital, Between Friends Club, The ALS Association, The Survivor Fund, The Wounded Warrior Project, Susan G Komen for the Cure, The American Heart Association, The Starship Children’s Hospital and Foundation, The American Lung Association, Ag47, and The Center For Addiction and Mental Health. And this really is just the tip of the iceberg, amazingly enough.

Having trouble selecting just the right charity?  You might want to consider making smaller donations to several different organizations, so that way the love’s spread around even more.  Another really cool way to get your guests involved is to let them vote for the one they prefer at the wedding.  You can list the possible nonprofits you’re thinking about on the favor cards and then let them vote by either writing on the card and handing them back, or by putting them into one of several boxes (one for each charity).  Then just tally up the votes, and you’re all set!

So if you’re planning on working with us for your letterpress wedding invitations and think you might like to make a donation to a nonprofit in lieu of favors at your wedding, please let us know – we would absolutely love to print them for you!  Please do take a moment to look over the details on our promotion page. And just a tidbit more fine print for this: this promotion is for letterpress favor cards only, and does not include foil stamped favor cards (sorry!).  If you would like hand calligraphy accents, edge painting, or corner rounding included on these cards we’ll be happy to include those things as well, but we do charge extra for those kinds of optional embellishments.

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Letterpress On Trend – Envelopes of a Different Color

With all of the different elements to consider when ordering your wedding invitations, envelope choices can wind up being somewhat of an afterthought. After all, they’re just going to be ripped open and thrown away anyway, right?  Well, yes – but that doesn’t mean that they’re not important.  They are the first things your guests will see when the invitation set arrives in the mail, after all.

The old standby for envelopes is to have them match the invitations – our standard envelopes are made from a text-weight version of the same cotton paper we print our letterpress invitations on – so the paper and envelopes will be a perfect match. If you’re looking for simplicity and complete uniformity throughout your set, this is definitely the way to go.  There’s absolutely nothing wrong with white or ivory envelopes, by the way!  They’re elegant and are designed to coordinate perfectly with your invites.

That being said, sometimes you don’t necessarily want everything to perfectly match your invitations – sometimes you want the envelopes to have a little pizazz of their own.  And that’s where colored envelopes can fit the bill nicely.
New for 2012, we now offer several different colored envelope options (available in select sizes only for now): bullion, silver, jute, steel blue, and opal. Perhaps you want to add a touch of metallic to your invites (but you don’t want the invitation itself to be foil stamped)? A silver or bullion envelope would be a great option!  Looking to add a crafty, hand-made sort of vibe to your invites?  Try our jute envelopes!  Planning lots of pearlescent touches for the wedding?  Think opal envelopes!

Oh, and the best part? Our colored envelopes are priced exactly the same as our white and ivory envelopes, so they’re definitely more budget-friendly than some other color-adding embellishment options such as pocketfolds or envelope liners. Not that these colored envelopes don’t look awesome with liners too – because they definitely do! We especially love the look of a metallic envelope paired a metallic envelope liner – think metallic bronze envelope liners paired with opal envelopes — it’s a stunning combination!

Once you’ve finalized all the details for your letterpress invitations and picked the perfect envelopes for your invitation set, add a beautiful finishing touch by having them hand addressed by one of our master calligraphers! And be sure to check out these tips for all of your envelope addressing needs.

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Everything you need to know about Save the Dates!

If you just got engaged and have your wedding date set, the next step is to think about save the dates! If you have questions like: When should I send my save the dates? Do they have to be formal if I am having a formal wedding? What design should I choose? — don’t worry, we’re here to help!Lumos Save the date by Bella Figura

When should I send my save the dates?

Typically sent anywhere from 6-12 months before the wedding, save the dates are the perfect way to make sure that guests have advanced notice of your wedding date, and they can also be an excellent way to set the initial tone for your celebration. Save the dates are a nice courtesy for your guests — especially those who will be traveling for your special day — as they’ll have a much easier time arranging for time off and making travel & accommodation plans. Once upon a time, save the dates were used primarily for destination weddings or weddings with a lot of out of town guests, but nowadays they’re popular for all types of weddings.

Who do I send save the dates to? 

If your guest list hasn’t been finalized yet, send to as many people on your list as possible. Anyone who receives a save the date absolutely must receive an invitation, so keep that in mind while you’re planning!

elegant letterpress save the dates

What information should the save the date contain?

The bare essentials for a save the date are the names of the couple and the date. We do recommend including the location so guests can plan accordingly, though if you haven’t narrowed down to a specific venue yet you can just provide the city & state. Some couples also choose to include accommodation information, wedding websites, and even information about local attractions. If you plan to invite all of your guests to additional activities on the dates surrounding your wedding (such as a welcome barbecue or a farewell brunch), you can ask that they save the weekend and provide appropriate dates.

Allegory Modern save the dates

Do they have to be formal if I am having a formal wedding?

The wording for a save the date is typically less formal than an invitation, so you can really have some fun with it! Writing the date as 06.05.13 or June 5, 2013 is perfectly acceptable and even more common than “Saturday, the fifth of June, two thousand and thirteen.” It is totally okay to include your wedding website and is actually a great way to introduce your website to your guests. It’s traditional to put “invitation to follow” or “formal invitation to follow” on the save the date, but it’s not necessary if you choose more streamlined wording. If you have any etiquette questions you can see our suggestions or contact us - we’d love to give you more advice!

Any tips for making my save the dates extra unique?

Get creative! There are tons of ways to customize your wedding stationery when you order with Bella Figura (think edge painting, cool custom envelope liners, or corner rounding!) but you can make your save the dates extra special by adding your own personal touch! Have a really cool story about how the two of you met? Include it on the save the dates! Did your photographer take amazing engagement photos? Have your save the dates designed with a “frame” so you can mount prints of your engagement photos to each one!

What design should I choose?

We have save the dates for every style – whether your wedding is vintage, formal, modern, rustic, art-deco or completely unique – you name it, we have a style for you. All of our designs are completely customizable, so we have even more options than what you see on our web site (a lot more options!). If you are totally stumped on what design to choose, consider taking our personal shopper survey! Our survey gives us the opportunity to learn more about you, your wedding, and your style, and then we can tell you what designs and customizations we think would be a perfect fit for you. Plus, we can keep the conversation going until you find exactly what you were looking for!

After you’ve finalized your save the date order, be sure to check out these tips on envelope addressing from master calligrapher Debi Zeinert!

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Envelope Addressing Etiquette 101 – A Q&A Session With Calligrapher Debi Zeinert

We get loads of questions about envelope addressing.  And with good cause – after you’ve invested in some gorgeous letterpress invitations, who wants to make a glaring faux pas when it comes to the envelope?  It’s the very first thing your guests will see when they receive your wedding invitations in the mail, after all.

With this in mind, we’ve put together a little crash course of frequently asked addressing questions (or FAAQ) and ran them by calligrapher Debi Zeinert for some answers.  Because who’s going to know more about addressing invitation envelopes than someone who does it for a living? Meet Debi in the video below!

  Are there any things you find your clients are consistently confused about concerning addressing etiquette?
A:  The biggest confusion comes when the wife is a doctor.  Mr. and Dr. John Smith is incorrect.  When a woman has a title her first name should be noted, and she should be listed first. For example:  Dr. Susan and Mr. John Smith.   Or, if they are both doctors with the same last name, Doctors Susan and John Smith.

Q:  What’s the best way to organize guests names and addresses before someone sends them to their calligrapher?
A:  I prefer to get guest lists in the form of an Excel spread sheet – this way I can mail merge it to my liking for addressing.  Though i will accept any sort of typed list.  When using Excel its best to organize it in columns as follows: Outer envelope name, Name 2, Address, Address 2, City, State, Zip, Country, Inner envelope.

Q:  When is it appropriate to use colored ink?
A:  I believe that if the return address is printed in color it’s okay to use colored ink.  In fact, if the return address is a dark color such as blue or brown you SHOULD used colored ink. If the address is a ‘fun’ color or a pastel you may want to keep the addressing in black to hold on to formality. For a Bar/Bat Mitzvah or non-wedding calligraphy you always want the calligraphy to match the return address.

Colored inks used are used to calligraph envelopes for less formal events -- black ink should be used for formal affairs

Q:  Is your preference to spell out the name of the state, or to abbreviate it?
A:  It’s not just my preference, but I believe it is only proper to spell out the state.  If it does not fit on the same line as the city, use the next line.

Q:  Do you have any other tips you’d like to share with clients planning to work with a calligrapher?
A:  A referred calligrapher is the best calligrapher.  If you find someone who does not come with a recommendation make sure you get actual samples addressed to you.  Seeing work on someone’s website may not be a good representation of their usual work.

Make sure you schedule your job as soon as you know you want to use them.  Don’t wait till you have your envelopes in hand.  Most calligraphers book up weeks out. And be sure to pick a realistic date – remember, you are blocking out days of time on a schedule and if you are not ready you may not be able to get rescheduled.

Make sure you have extra envelopes – dip pens and ink are unpredictable!  And make sure your guest list is complete as possible. There are always stragglers, bit to add a name everyday for a week is difficult on a calligrapher’s schedule. It’s not as easy as just writing another envelope – each job has set up time, drying time and packing and shipping time.

Q:  Any good stories of really tricky addressing etiquette situations?
A:  I’ve been doing this so long I’ve seen everything and pretty much can handle any thing. One thing that is annoying to all calligraphers is the extra long first lines – for example:  Mr. George and Mrs. Martha Washington or Mr. and Mrs. George and Martha Washington.  Way too much to make it pretty. Or when the numbers of an address are all written out – for example:  Seventeen South One Hundred and Forty Third Street. That must really annoy the post office!  Numbers under 20 can be written out, but the rest should be numerals.  I love it when people go ‘informal’ on the inner envelopes – it’s fun to write ‘Nana and Papa’ or nicknames.  One time I even had to write ‘Anna and Shithead’ on an inner!!!!

Hand calligraphy for envelope addressing makes the perfect finishing touch for wedding invitations

Q: Are any other common questions you get a lot?
A:  One question I do get is if there is a discount for quantity. The answer is no – if one envelope takes 3 minutes, 10 take 30 minutes and 100 take 300 minutes – it does not speed up with quantity. And personally, I do not copy computer fonts, nor do I copy other calligrapher’s styles.

Well that’s about it for this little crash course, but naturally there are other questions we’ve not yet addressed here.  Have any unique addressing quandaries or concerns of your own?  Post them below in the comments section below and we’ll do some homework and get back to you.  Class dismissed.

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Making metallics work for your wedding invitations

It’s not just metallic gold that’s making a big appearance in wedding invitations this year — all different shades of shine are showing up and we couldn’t be more exited! Metallics instantly bump up the wow factor of any invitation while creating an elegant and glamorous appearance. There are lots of ways to incorporate metallics into your wedding suite: you can go all out with foil stamping and foil edging on your pieces, or pair them with a metallic envelope liner and a metallic envelope to really make heads turn! Not feeling that much dazzle? You can mix in small details of shimmer just by adding foil edging or a metallic envelope liner.

If you couldn’t already tell by all the foil in our new 2012 wedding invitations, we’re obsessed with foil stamping as a way to add some sparkle to your wedding invitations! We offer a wide variety of illuminating foil options, from vintage and formal golds, silvers and copper, to edgy and eye catching forest green, red or indigo. You can combine any letterpress ink with foil stamping in a single design; print your invitation in bold beautiful colored foils (fuchsia! purple! teal!); or go two tone, mixing a gold matte foil with a gold shine foil for a truly wowing look.

Foil edging adds an awe-inspiring, smooth, shiny surface to the edges of important pieces in your wedding suite. It works wonderfully as a complement to a wedding suite full of foil stamping or to add an unexpected pop of color to your letterpress invitations: think fuchsia, blue, green, or copper!

Our metallic pocketfolds come in 5 sparkling shades that pair perfectly with any of our wedding invitations to create a memorable enclosure your guest will be sure to keep forever! On the exterior of your pocketfold, we can even letterpress print your names, date, monogram, a design element from your invitation or anything else you can dream up to completely customize your wedding suite!

Our metallic envelope liners and metallic envelopes are shimmery, pretty, and FSC-certified—they’ll create the perfect balance of shine and sophistication for your unique wedding invitations!

No matter what dose of metallics you choose for your invitations, it’s sure to make a statement!  Still not sure what metallic combination will best capture the style of your wedding? We offer free design consultations after you place your order, where you’ll have a chance to talk one on one with our designers about all of your invitation choices (or if you need help now, just ask!).


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