Sarah Hanna Travels – Adventures in France, Part II

Bella Figura calligrapher Sarah Hanna has been sharing photos and stories from her adventures in France, where she’s currently spending time in the gorgeous village of Cassis. Today we’re sharing a few of the projects that Sarah has been working on in France – starting with La Tête à Toto boutique in Cassis, where Sarah calligraphed all over the walls!

La Tête à Toto boutique in Cassis, France
La Tête à Toto boutique in Cassis A children’s shop owner in France (who happens to also be a chef featured in Vogue Europe) asked me to help with décor for her new venture. She was transforming the back space into a children’s cooking and art school, and she wanted me to letter on the walls. Cooking? Art? French? Where do I sign???
La Tête à Toto boutique cooking school for children in Cassis, France
Children’s cooking school (before)
Sarah Hanna calligraphs the walls of La tête à toto' boutique in Cassis, France
Hand-lettering at Tête à Toto It was great fun and a solid French lesson (thanks to Google translate). Up until now, I do most of my French vocabulary training at the grocery store….or when I get home from the grocery store and say, “Oh. I thought that was chicken.”  
La Tête à Toto boutique in Cassis, France - cooking school for children
The finished product

Sarah Hanna hand calligraphed the walls of Tete a Toto, a children's boutique + cooking school in Cassis, France

Fashion meets function under the sink 
La Tête à Toto boutique + cooking school for children in Cassis, France
The cooking school (after) 
Sarah Hanna recently began offering hand-painted social notes
Hand-illustrated correspondence cards In keeping with the ‘fait à la main’ style, this year, I am launching boxed sets of hand-painted correspondence cards. The paper I am using is Fabriano. It is the oldest paper mill in Europe and a favorite of Michaelangelo. Ooh la la! 
Custom lullaby with hand calligraphy and artwork by Sarah Hanna
Customized children’s lullaby I have a sweet spot for all things classic and creative for bébé. I have started to take lullabies and customize the words to fit the new family (for example: ‘If that Crimson Tide won’t roll, Mama’s gonna buy you a fishing pole’ for an Alabama grad mom and a dad who loves to fish). I ask a few questions about the couple and word-smith the poem myself. Then I hand-calligraph and illustrate the piece for the nursery. It’s a perfect gift.
Baby shower + lullaby photographs courtesy of Lauren Louise Photography.

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  1. heyy!! thanks for sharing these adventures photos with us. my next trip is in France and i will be cover up these all places. Hand-illustrated correspondence cards is looking something interesting and creative.

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