Now that we know that the world isn’t going to last forever (especially if we keep treating the planet like we do!), it’s even more important to think about your wedding’s footprint when planning a green wedding. How do you create an eco-friendly wedding that's still memorable and unique? Here are a few thoughts to get you started, but check out additional resources below too.

  • Look for a sustainable caterer. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about where they get their food. Local is better; local and organic is best.
  • Look for flowers that are in season. If you are not picky about specific flowers, get flowers from a farmers market, or grow your own!
  • When planning the location and decorations for your reception, think about things that are reusable. Choose real glassware over plastic (or if you MUST use plastic, the compostable kind... make sure there is a place where you can compost). Get centerpieces that can be given as favors, or that can be incorporated into your decor at home (or sold to another bride...). Consider the type of candles you use at your wedding reception locations—are they good for you, and good for the environment? Beeswax, soy, or vegetable based candles are best, rather than traditional paraffin candles. Consider packaging of candles or other decorations too—can you recycle it, or is it plastic that you’ll need to toss?
  • Think about location and your carbon footprint. If family needs to fly in, consider ways to offset the flying. One great green wedding favor—buy local saplings, and plant trees in honor of your guests to offset the transportation. Destination weddings are fun, but if you are trying to be green, perhaps going to a far away island isn’t the best bet.
  • Consider eco-friendly wedding invitations from a green printer (like us!). Think about ways to cut back on paper—like one large menu board instead of individual menus.